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Paddock Wood Primary School

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    Year 5 Studies

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    Year 5 & 6 Spelling List
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    Term 1


    We will be studying Ancient Greece, including:

    • Spread of the Ancient Greek civilization
    • Ancient Greek democracy
    • The birth of the Olympic games
    • Greek art and design
    • Gods and Goddesses
    • Battles and wars


    • Fiction writing linked to Greek mythology
    • Descriptive writing, including characters and settings
    • Developing structure of longer pieces of writing
    • Varied sentence structures
    • Drafting and editing for improvement


     We will be concentrating on:

    • Place value to 6 digits
    • Formal methods of addition and subtraction
    • Mental strategies for addition and subtraction
    • Factors and multiples


    We will be studying materials, including:

    • Comparing and grouping materials based on properties
    • Applying knowledge of the three states of matter to the processes of dissolving, filtering, sieving and evaporating
    • Reversible and irreversible changes