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Paddock Wood Primary School

Paddock Wood Primary Academy

An academy of excellence and enjoyment at the heart of its community


    Paddock Wood Primary School offers a wide range of learning opportunities to promote Music across the curriculum and to encourage each child to grow in confidence. Our various clubs, ranging from recorder club to choir, support classroom activities and are open to children of all abilities.

    All children participate in weekly singing assemblies and are encouraged to celebrate their abilities by performing in reward assemblies. The achievements the children make throughout the year are celebrated in termly assemblies for occasions such as Harvest and Christmas.

    Throughout the year KS2 children are taught how to read and write music and then apply this skill to composing their own seasonal pieces. Group work is a key part of music lessons; with children often working together to create vocal and instrumental performances. The history of music is an on-going topic; each year group focuses on a different era and the composers that feature within that period. 

    Terms 3 and 4
    Year Three
    Year 3 are going to start this term by learning to play a series of call and response rhythms on the Djembe drum. This will not only develop their listening skills but will introduce them to a range of drumming techniques. They will also have the opportunity to explore how important music, and in particular drumming, is in African culture. From here we will move on to composing and singing our own songs about the Stone Age and cave men!
    Year Four
    Year 4 are going to start this term by learning all about the Ocarina, they will learn all about the correct playing technique needed to produce a pleasant sound. From here they will have the opportunity to play a variety of well-known pieces as duets, solos and as a whole class ensemble. Throughout the term the children will be creating a listening log, discovering new and old composers and different genres of music and learning how to appraise music using more technical vocabulary.
    Year Five
    Year 5 are going to start this term by revisiting the Ocarina and building on their accomplishments from the previous year; regularly performing in front of one another to improve their technique. In order to improve the children will be relying less on pictures and more on written musical notes; which they will revise and apply on a regular basis. Throughout the term the children will also be adding to their listening logs and hopefully contributing their own ideas to our composer charts.
    Year Six
    Year 6 are going to start this term by listening to and discussing music that was written and used during the second world war, from here they will be learning to sing a selection of these songs; attempting to replicate the styles of singing shown by the likes of Vera Lynn and George Formby. The children will then move into a new topic of Musical Theatre, all the way from the Golden Era through to modern day compositions, the children will have the opportunity to watch and later perform a selection of well-known and lesser known songs.