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    French lessons 2019 – Term One

     Year 2 are starting the year learning various greetings, and understanding the importance of formal and informal language in France. They will be introduced to the numbers up to ten and to saying how they feel. Most lessons will involve a little listening and speaking, pair-work, singing and games. Although the children will gradually be introduced to the written language, there is no specific focus on writing at this stage.

    During their second language session each week, they will be learning the colours and basic weather expressions.

    In Key Stage 2, children will be starting the year with classroom language. They will learn the names of everyday items – pens, pencils and so forth – and gradually build them into phrases using colour adjectives and simple connectives. Upper Key Stage 2 will use positive and negative forms of verbs, describing what they have and do not have and may therefore need to borrow. As one of our aims is to minimise the need to use English during lessons, this will enable the children to communicate more confidently and fluently during class when they need to borrow the scissors or sharpen their pencil.

    The second language session each week will be broadly based on the science curriculum.

    Year 3 will be learning different foods and looking at healthy eating and the need for a balanced diet.

    Year 4 children will be learning the parts of the body and looking at the 5 senses.

    Year 5 classes will be looking at light and conducting experiments based on refraction, discovering how a rainbow is made, and making Newton’s disappearing colour wheel.

    Children in Year 6 will be exploring electricity: making and discovering the effects of static electricity, making basic circuits and switches, using a voltmeter, and finding out that a lemon is an excellent alternative to a battery!