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    Foundation Stage Studies

    For Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum Framework please click here.

    Foundation Stage News

    Week 3 Term 3   2019/20


    This week we continued with ‘The Three Little Pigs’ topic. To enhance the children’s learning we read ‘Super Pigs’ by Claire Evans which has an interesting spin on the original story. The children loved this story and it lead to lots of discussions about superheroes and their powers. Then we thought about how we could innovate ‘The Three Little Pigs’ ourselves. The children came up with ideas of how to change the story but keep the same sequence of events. For example, Caterpillar class changed the story to ‘The Three Wriggly Worms’! They also drew and wrote about what the different houses could be made from, in Bees they loved the idea of one made from jelly!



    Our focus has been on number bonds to ten (pairs of numbers that total 10 e.g. 5 + 5= 10). The children first explored using numicom, being tasked with finding two pieces that totalled 10. We then moved onto recording. Some children drew around the different pieces of numicom, while others were extended by writing number sentences. We also used manipulatives (cubes, ten frames, counters etc.) to help find the number bonds in different ways.


    Outside Learning

    With the return to colder weather the children were fascinated by the frost and ice, which lead to lots of rich discussions about seasonal changes and the weather. In our Outdoor Explorers session we read ‘Stickman’ by Julia Donaldson and went on a wellie walk looking for the perfect stick to make Stickman. After that we returned to the classroom and the children created their own stickman/stickwoman using a range of resources. They showed high levels of involvement in this task and were all very proud of what they achieved.


    All children and staff of the school are organised into Houses. These are Dover (yellow), Hever (blue), Leeds (green) and Scotney (red). Today your child has been told which school house they are in and given their House Badge.

    House points will be awarded in everyday school life including competitions and sports days.  House achievements will be celebrated in whole-school assemblies.


    Home learning

    Thank you to all the children that have returned their completed homework books this week. The winter pictures look fantastic! If you still haven’t completed your picture please bring the books back. We will set a new home learning challenge next week.




    Next week we are going to learn about Chinese New Year. We would be very grateful if you could send into school any relevant resources (chop sticks, Chinese Calendar, books, fortune cookies etc.).

    Many thanks,

    Mrs Leach, Mr Worsfold, Miss Truett and Miss Highwood

    Week 2 Term 3  2019/20


    This week we focussed on the traditional story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. The children learnt the story and thought of actions to go with it. We drew a story map as a class, this helps the children remember the sequence of the story and we were impressed that some children managed to draw their own story map independently! At the end of the week we thought of questions to ask the Big Bad Wolf and the children enjoyed taking it in turns to be the wolf trying to answer the questions.


    We have focussed on 1 more and 1 less for different numbers. Throughout the week we have sung number songs and read maths stories (‘Ten Little Aliens’, ‘Ten Frogs’) which illustrated 1 more/1 less. Then we used cubes, objects and number lines to help us calculate too. The children recorded their calculations through drawings and some confidently wrote a number sentence.


    Outside Learning

    It has been a very wet and muddy week but the children have still managed to get outside and learn! In the outdoor explorer session the children went on an adjective scavenger hunt. They had to find natural objects for different adjectives (e.g. soft, green, spikey…) and record them. There has also been lots of imaginative play, for example children role played the ‘Three Little Pigs’ story and enjoyed hiding from the Big Bad Wolf. Some children enjoyed exploring our digging area and we encouraged them to write in the mud using sticks. A group were also inquisitive about the size of their footprints and decided to compare the lengths.

    Open afternoon

    On Friday 24th January 3.00pm-3.30pm parents and carers are invited to come into their child’s classroom to look at their learning journals. The children will also retell ‘The Three Little Pigs’ story. We look forward to seeing you then.



    Home learning

    Today we will be sending home your child’s home learning book with a short activity for you to complete with them. When you have finished the activity please would you return their book to school. We will set a new task every two weeks. If you have any questions please ask your child’s class teacher.

    Have a nice weekend,

    Mrs Leach, Mr Worsfold, Miss Truett and Miss Highwood

    Week 7 Term 2   2019/20


    This week we continued to focus on the story Dear Santa. The children are very confident at retelling the story in the correct sequence and story book language (first, next, finally). They also wrote lists of what they would like for Christmas and composed a class letter to Father Christmas which they sent on their visit to the Post Office.


    We introduced money to the children this week, sorting coins and playing a shop game. We discussed the value of the different coins and some children started to add coins together to pay for different items.  We have continued to do lots of counting too and matched numbers to the correct number of objects.

    Outside Learning

    The children set up Father Christmas` workshop outside; they have been busy elves wrapping presents and writing labels to go with them. Some children used the bricks and crates to build Santa’s sleigh. They enjoyed pretending to deliver presents to all the children of the world.

    Helpers needed!

    On Tuesday 17th December, we have our Christmas carol service at St. Andrews Church. The service begins at 9.30 am, if any parents are available to help us walk to church from 9.00am we would be very grateful. Please let your class teacher know.

    Foundation Stage nativity

    Thank you so much for all your support with our nativity production. The children worked so hard and we are very proud of them.  We hope that you enjoyed watching it.


    This will be the final newsletter before the Christmas holidays, so we wish you all a wonderful holiday and look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

    Merry Christmas!

    Mrs Leach, Mr Worsfold, Miss Truett and Miss Highwood

    Week 5 Term 2   2019/20


    Last week we introduced the story Dear Santa by Rod Campbell. We have drawn a class story map and thought of actions to go with it to help us remember the sequence. Throughout the week children have enjoyed drawing and labelling what they would like for Christmas.


    We introduced a number line to the children and practised counting forwards and back using it. They have used the numicon to help them find ways to make different numbers for example 5 + 5 = 10, 6 + 4 = 10 and we discussed how they could record it.

    Outside Learning

    We have had lots of busy children outside, enjoying the dryer weather! Some Children continued to be interested by Autumnal changes and swept the leaves, adding them to the compost area. We discussed what a compost bin is and how it works. A group of children wanted to make traffic lights for the playground. When children went through a red light on their scooters, they called for the police who wrote them a ticket!

    Post office visit

    On Thursday 12 December we are going to walk to Paddock Wood post office to post our letters to Father Christmas. We need some parents to accompany us on our short trip, please see your child’s class teacher if you’re available to join us.

    The classes are leaving at the following times:

    Bee class 9.15am

    Ladybird class at 10.15 am

    Caterpillar class are going at 1.40pm


    Dates for the diary

    • December 4 December Costumes in school by this date please
    • Tuesday 10 December at 2.30pm Foundation Stage Nativity for parents
    • Wednesday 11 December at 9.15am Foundation Stage Nativity for parents
    • Friday 13 December Christmas jumper day

    Christmas Photos

    This week we are going to continue to learn about Christmas and discuss how we celebrate it in our homes. Can children please bring in a photo to share of them with their family celebrating Christmas from a previous year.

    Many thanks

    Mrs Leach, Mr Worsfold, Miss Truett and Miss Highwood

    Week 4 Term 2  2019/20


    Last week we completed our ‘People who help us’ topic focussing on doctors, nurses and paramedics. We discussed what a doctor does and if we have ever been to see one. After that we looked at a doctor’s bag and what could be in it. The children then worked hard to write a list of what the contents could be using their phonic knowledge. On Friday we were very lucky to have a visit from a nurse and she brought in lots of equipment to show the children and discussed her role. We then finished the week thinking about all the jobs we have learnt about and discussing what other jobs we could have included like teacher, builder and a racing car driver!


    The children have been very busy in maths this week, lots of counting and number recognition. We have also focussed on 3D shapes, including cubes, cuboids, spheres and cones. The children have looked for the shapes in the environment, played ‘feely’ games and used the Polydron to make them.

    Outside Learning

    We continued our outdoor explorer sessions. The children were intrigued by which animals could live in our hedgerow, so we read the Gruffalo to the children and went on a hunt for the animals in the text in our outside area (laminated pictures). We also collected lots of natural resources (leaves, twigs and grass) and put them into large hoops. The children discussed what they found and we talked about who found the longest stick, biggest leaf etc. We all then drew the contents of our hoops and labelled the different items.


    All children should have received a letter about their costume for the Christmas play. If you have any difficulties with finding the clothes required please speak to your class teacher.


    Please can all nativity costumes be sent into school in a named carrier bag by Wednesday 4 December.

    Dates for the diary

    • Tuesday 10 December at 2.30pm Foundation Stage Nativity for parents
    • Wednesday 11 December at 9.15am Foundation Stage Nativity for parents
    • Friday 13 December Christmas jumper day

    Many thanks,

    Mrs Leach, Mr Worsfold, Miss Truett and Miss Highwood

    Week 3 Term 2   2019/20


    Last week we continued with our ‘People who help us’ topic, focussing on the Police force. The children first learnt about who and what Police Officers do and we were very excited when a real Police Officer came to visit us! He brought his police van and the children had the opportunity to sit in it and listen to the siren. After that he showed the children some of his equipment, including helmet, shield and evidence bags. For the rest of the week the children enjoyed role playing as a Police Officer by following clues to find out who stole one of their toys and writing missing toy posters.



    We modelled counting and discussed the importance of giving a number name to each object and what we can do to make it easier (line the objects up, touch each object etc.). We also learnt about number sentences in relation to adding. For example ‘3 robbers add 4 robbers makes 7 robbers altogether’. The children used cubes to help them and some children even recorded it as a number sentence (e.g. 3 + 4 =7).

    Outside Learning

    Last week we started our outdoor explorer sessions. The children enjoyed investigating the school field on a wellie walk, looking for signs of autumn and using words to describe the environment (e.g. squidgy mud, colourful leaves). They then went on a scavenger hunt with a partner, looking for natural objects to collect (e.g. 9 sticks, 5 orange leaves). The children amazed us when they were able to collect the correct number of objects and talk about what they had found.

    Mystery reader

    At Paddock Wood Primary Academy we strive to foster a love of reading both in school and at home.  We would therefore like to implement the Mystery Reader scheme. The aim of "Mystery Reader" is to show children that adults love reading too.  We would like to invite parents, grandparents or other family members to come into their child's class to read a children's story. This could be a book you particularly enjoyed reading when you were growing up or a current children's book brought from home. The mystery reader sessions are at 2.45pm on a Tuesday or a Thursday, please email the school at with a date you can do or alternatively speak to your child’s class teacher.

    In order for the class to gain the full impact and excitement of the reader experience, please keep it a secret and hence a mystery, even from your own child!

    Thank you for your continued support listening to your child read at home. Can we please remind you to sign or comment in your child’s yellow reading diary when they have read the book, so that we know you are ready for us to change it.

    Many thanks,

    Mrs Leach, Mr Worsfold, Miss Truett and Miss Highwood


    Week 2 Term 2   2019/20


    Last week we started our new topic ‘People who help us’. At the beginning of the week we had learnt about fireworks. We discussed how to stay safe around them and made firework posters.  This led us onto thinking about who helps us if there is a fire – Firefighters! The children enjoyed learning facts about the fire brigade, drawing pictures and labelling the different parts on a firefighter. On Thursday we were very lucky to have a visit from our local Fire Brigade! They brought their fire engine and children had the opportunity to sit in it and look at all their different equipment. They also had a question and answer session. One of our favourite questions was ‘how many people do you rescue from trees?` Thank you so much to Mr Roberts and the rest of his team for giving up their time to visit us.





    We focussed on ordering numbers, mathematical reasoning and counting. The children were taught to explain and justify the position of different numbers on a number line, for example 9 is next to 8 because it is one more than 8. We also continued to develop their counting skills through number stories; the children needed to accurately count the number of objects in a story.

    Outside Learning

    The outside area was full of ‘firefighters’ last week! The children turned the bikes into fire engines and attached plastic hoses. Then they enjoyed getting into role, saving people from burning buildings and putting out fires. Some children also chose to create large firework pictures, using paint and glitter.

    Parent helpers

    Thank you so much to all the parents that have volunteered to come in to school and listen to children read - we are so grateful for your help! We are always in need of more helpers so please let us know if this is something you are interested in.

    Wow Moments

    We have loved reading the ‘wow moment’ slips that have been sent into school so far. The children have taken pride in sharing them and it has been a pleasure to learn about their achievements at home. Please keep sending them in.

    Have a lovely week.

    Mrs Leach, Mr Worsfold, Miss Truett and Miss Highwood

    Week 1 Term 2   2019/20


    Last week we learnt about the Hindu festival, Diwali.  We discussed the story of Diwali and thought about why people celebrate it. We also found out about different Diwali customs and in particular we focused on rangoli patterns which are colourful designs made on the floor near the entrance to a house to welcome guests. We used lots of different media to make the patterns including paint, chalk and tissue paper.



    We introduced 3D shapes to the children, discussing their properties and how they are similar and different to 2D shapes.  The children enjoyed sorting the shapes and deciding whether they were 2D or 3D. We continued to focus on 1 more or 1 less for different numbers; the children used objects and looked at number lines to support this.

    Outside Learning

    The children were very busy outside again last week. They enjoyed using the chalk to make large rangoli patterns on the floor and setting up a Halloween shop. The children made Halloween cards to sell and took it in turns to read the spooky words in the shop. We also made potions using coloured water, glitter and natural resources we found outside. We used measuring cylinders, pipettes and jugs to create their magical potions and were encouraged to write down the ingredients.

    Cold weather

    The weather is getting colder and wetter. Can you please ensure that your child has a named waterproof coat in school to keep them warm when they are outside throughout the day.  We also ask that children have a named pair of wellington boots in school so that they are able to access the whole outside area throughout the day, even the muddy areas.

    Wow moments

    We would love to hear about your child’s achievements at home. Whether it is learning to ride a bike, reading a new word or recognising numbers on doors- we would like to know! We will be sending home ‘wow moment’ slips for recording these magic moments. You could even send in a photo to go with it. These ‘wow moments’ will then be shared with the class and added to your child’s learning journey.

    Have a lovely week.

    Mrs Leach, Mr Worsfold, Miss Truett and Miss Highwood

    Week 7 Term 1   2019/20


    Wow! The end of our first term has arrived! It has been a busy time and so much has been accomplished. We cannot emphasise enough how proud we all are of each and every child. They have settled in tremendously well and are keen and eager to learn new things.

    This week we have continued with our ‘Little Red Hen’ topic. At the beginning of the week the children enjoyed making biscuits, they discussed the ingredients and looked at the recipe. We also acted out the story using puppets and thought about our favourite parts.




    This week we have introduced the balance scales to the children and they used them to investigate the weight of different objects. We encouraged the children to use the words heavier and lighter to compare the weights of the objects they found. Throughout the week we also focussed on ordering numbers and finding the number that is one more or one less than a given number.

    Outside Learning

    The children enjoyed lots of water play.  We encouraged the children to estimate how many cups it takes to fill different containers and they also played a game where they used fishing rods to catch balls with different sounds on. The children then told us the different sounds that they found and some of them recorded the sounds on a whiteboard. Throughout the week we also discussed the different signs of Autumn that they can see outside. The children collected acorns and then counted how many they found.

     Little Red Hen

    Thank you to all the parents that came in this afternoon to listen to our retelling of The Little Red Hen story. We would now like the children to teach you the story; this will help to deepen their understanding of the text.


    Autumn walk

    During the holiday it would be nice if you took the children on an Autumn walk, looking for signs of the season. The children could then draw a picture of some of the things that they have found and bring it back to school to share with us.

    Have a lovely half term holiday!

    Mrs Leach, Mr Worsfold, Miss Truett and Miss Waters

    Week 6 Term 1   2019/20


    This week we have continued to focus on the story of The Little Red Hen. The children have become really confident at retelling the story and using actions to perform it. We have sequenced the story and discussed what happens at the beginning, middle and end. The children then drew pictures for each part of the story and were encouraged to write labels of what was happening.


    We have focussed on measuring length and using key vocabulary (longer/shorter) to describe it. The children enjoyed going outside and hunting for different objects to measure.  They then compared the lengths of what they found and were particularly competitive about who found the longest twig! We have also continued to practise recognising different numerals up to 10 and are learning rhymes to help write the numbers too.

    Outside Learning

    Lots of learning has taken place outside again this week. Some children particularly enjoyed using the guttering and stands to make a large car ramp. They pushed the cars down and then recorded how far their car travelled using chalk. Other children have been very busy making dens, using large pieces of fabric and wooden frames. They enjoyed playing in their dens and setting up picnics to share with their friends.

    Parent helpers

    Now the children have settled into school, we would be grateful for any parents/grandparents that are free to volunteer their time in school to listen to children read.

    If this is something you are interested in please speak to your child’s class teacher about your availability.

    Book trust

    All the children have been given a free book today from the charity Book Trust. We were very lucky to have a visit from Susan Rogers, of Library services, to introduce the book.


     Little Red Hen Performance reminder

    Next Friday at 3.00pm we would like to invite parents and carers into their child’s classroom, to watch the performance of The Little Red Hen.

    Have a restful weekend!

    Mrs Leach, Mr Worsfold, Miss Truett and Miss Waters

    Week 5 Term 1   2019/20


    This week we have started a new topic all about the story of the ‘Little Red Hen’. The children are learning to retell the story orally and have made a class story map to help them.  They also enjoyed thinking of questions to ask the different characters and made collages of the different characters from the story.



    We have focused on making repeating patterns. The children used lots of different resources (pegs, cubes, plastic links etc.) to make the patterns and we asked them to describe the pattern to their partners. Over the week we had lots of counting activities taking place, inside and out. We encouraged the children to touch each object as they count, and some have selected the correct number card to represent the number of objects in a set. At home, try to find lots of opportunities to count objects together with your child and make sure they point to each object as they count.

    Outside Learning

    We have been outside a lot this week.  We had the bikes out and the children organised races, wrote their name on a list to enter, made flags to wave as spectators and made 1st, 2nd, 3rd place badges. Others, decided to build a fire station with the plastic bricks, dress up as fire fighters and enjoyed saving other children from a fire!

    Little Red Hen Performance

    As mentioned above we have been learning to retell the story ‘The Little Red Hen’. We would like to invite parents and carers into their child’s classroom to watch a performance on Friday 18th October at 3.00pm.

    Reading book

    Next week we will be sending home a reading book. We change reading books on a Monday and a Wednesday. They will also continue to choose a new library book on a Friday. Please ensure book bags are in school every day please.

    Have a good weekend!

    Mrs Leach, Mr Worsfold, Miss Truett and Miss Waters

    Week 4 Term 1   2019/20

    European languages week

    It was European Language Day on Thursday 26th September. In Foundation stage we marked this special day with different activities. These included listening to the Three Little Pigs story and singing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in French and tasting food from France. We also enjoyed hearing The Hungry Caterpillar story, told to us by one of our parents, in German.




    We continued to learn about 2D shapes, focussing on pentagons and hexagons. We counted the sides and vertices and talked about how they are different to other shapes.

    Outside Learning

    The children have been busy outside - even though it’s been very wet. They have enjoyed using the construction bricks and crates to build large structures and we have encouraged the children to make signs to go with them. The children used chalk to make marks on the ground and some children enjoyed playing an archery game where they fired the arrows to hit different numbers on a target.

    Useful items you could donate

    If you are able, we would be very grateful to receive any of the following items:

    • Cardboard boxes and tubes
    • String/ribbon/ wool
    • Pieces of fabric
    • Top soil/compost
    • Play pit sand
    • Old pots and pans for our mud kitchen


    Cold, wet weather

    The weather is getting colder and wetter, can you please ensure that your child has a named waterproof coat in school to keep them warm when they are outside throughout the day.  We also ask that children have a named pair of wellington boots in school so that they are able to access the whole outside area and go on walks around the school.


     Learning sounds and handwriting practice

    Thank you so much for all your support at home with helping your child to learn and form their letters correctly. Practising recognising their sounds for just a few minutes every day will really help them become confident with phonics and get ready for reading. 

    We hope you have a lovely weekend!

    Mrs Leach, Mr Worsfold, Miss Truett and Miss Highwood

    Week 3 Term 1   2019/20


    We read a selection of Percy the Park Keeper stories to the children. We discussed how Percy is kind to the animals and then how we can show kindness to others in school. The children were really interested in the animals and we decided to learn facts about them. They also made animal pictures using a range of resources from the classroom.




    In maths we have focussed on the 2D shapes, rectangles and circles, whilst continuing to count to ten and beyond. We have sung shape songs, looked for shapes around our area and made them using straws/pencils/pipe cleaners. It would be lovely if you could go on a shape hunt at home with your child too and bring us in a picture of what you find together.

    Fizzy fingers

    Fizzy fingers is a carousal of fun activities to help children build up their finger strength and hand control (fine motor skills). Every morning when the children arrive they carry out fizzy finger activities, for example they use the tweezers to pick up pompoms, cut patterns with scissors and thread different objects.

    Outside learning

    The children have had lots of fun in our outdoor mud kitchen this week. They made mud pies and hunted for different treasures in our large digging area. They have also enjoyed using the brooms to sweep leaves and then collected them in wheelbarrows.

    Thank you

    We are so grateful for all the contributions to the class funds and we will update you soon on what we purchase.  Also thank you for all of the donations of scarves, fabric and hankies we have received this week.

     Polite reminder

    The doors into classrooms are open from 8.45-8.55.  Any child arriving after 8.55 will need to be signed in at the office.

    Have a great weekend!

    Mrs Leach, Mr Worsfold, Miss Truett and Miss Highwood

    Week 2 Term 1   2019/20

    First full week!

    Our first full week comes to an end and what a busy and exciting week it has been! We started our ‘I Am Special’ topic by talking about what we enjoy doing and our favourite things. We looked at the different family photos that the children brought in and discussed who is in our family.

    We also read the story Elma and discussed how we are individual and it’s okay to be different.

    Read write inc. (RWI)

    RWI is the systematic phonics programme that we use at our school. At the moment we are teaching RWI as a whole class and we are introducing a new sound daily. By the end of term 1 all the children’s phonic knowledge will be assessed and then we will group them accordingly, into smaller focused groups to continue our daily phonics teaching.  We are going to continue to send home flash cards of the sounds already taught in school, please practise these sounds with your child making sure you are saying the sound rather than the letter name.  At the bottom of this link there is a short video demonstrating how to pronounce the sounds correctly. If your child is confident at recognising these sounds see if you can make any three letter words e.g. sad, pin, tip, using the sound cards. Please keep the sounds in the plastic wallets and bring them to school each day, so that we are able to add more sounds each week.

    Cursive handwriting

    In Foundation Stage we teach the children to write in a cursive style right from the start. We will teach your child to form every letter with an entry stroke, which we call a whoosh and then they form the letter in the traditional way.  We teach the children little rhymes to help them remember how to form the letters.

    Although the cursive style can seem quite tricky to start with, you will really see the benefits when your child starts to join with ease later on in their school life without having to learn new ways to form the letters. We have also sent home handwriting sheets for your children to practise forming their letters correctly at home.

             Silk scarves and hankies

    Next week we are going to start a physical development programme called ‘Squiggle whilst you Wiggle’. This is a kinaesthetic approach to stimulate early writing. Children use movement with music to develop their motor skills. Through Squiggle While You Wiggle, children use ‘Flipper Flappers’ (pieces of fabric/scarves/hankies) in each hand to rehearse a range of shapes in the air, which lead children onto forming the letters correctly on paper.

    If parents have any silk/polyester scarfs, handkerchiefs or fabric that they can donate to help us make the flipper flappers we would be very grateful.

    Class library book

    Today every child has chosen a book to bring home and share with you.  This is a book to read together for enjoyment and as you read the story take time to discuss the pictures and what is happening in the text. Let your child hold the book and turn the pages themselves. Please bring this book back next Friday and they will have an opportunity to change it.



    Class Mascot

    Each class has its own fluffy mascot.  Every week a child that has achieved something special will be chosen to take the mascot home for the weekend.  The mascot has its own book for you to update with all your weekend adventures.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Mrs Leach, Mr Worsfold, Miss Truett and Miss Highwood

     Week 1 Term 1

    Welcome to Paddock Wood Primary Academy

    We have had a lovely first week with the children. They have settled in really well and we are very proud of them.


    This week we have been making friends, learning the school routines and exploring both the indoor and outdoor environment.  We have started phonics lessons and explored numbers through songs and counting.


    Next week we are starting our topic ‘I am Special’. As part of our topic work we would like children to bring in a photo of themselves with their family, for us to discuss and use in a classroom display.

    Snack time

    We have introduced a rolling snack table in the morning. The children have the chance to sit and have their snack in a small group. This gives the adults the opportunity to get to know the children and their individual interests and gives children the confidence to communicate with their peers in a smaller group.

    Class fund

    In Foundation Stage children use a wide range of resources to extend their learning across the curriculum. To enable us to buy additional exciting and interesting equipment to enhance your child’s provision, we are asking for a voluntary contribution of 50p a week. Please put your contribution in the money box by their classroom door. We will use the weekly newsletter to update you on how the money is spent.

    Important notice

    We have a few children in school with severe nut allergies, please could we remind all parents that school premises are NUT FREE. If children are bringing a packed lunch to school it is important that there are no products in the lunch box that contain nuts.



    To keep you updated about what we are doing each week, we will now email our weekly newsletter to you every Friday afternoon. If you have any difficulties receiving the newsletter please let the school office know.   

    Can you help us?

    To celebrate European Languages Day on Thursday 26th September, we are having a themed learning week based on different European countries. If any parents, grandparents or carers are able to come into school to share a different language or experience of a different country with the children we would love to hear from you.


    We hope that you all have a fantastic weekend and that the children enjoy a very well deserved rest!

    Mrs Leach, Mr Worsfold, Miss Truett and Miss Highwood


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