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Paddock Wood Primary School

Paddock Wood Primary Academy

An academy of excellence and enjoyment at the heart of its community


    Teachers assess pupils’ learning and progress regularly and accurately, using a range of strategies. They ensure that this assessment information feeds back into class and group teaching so that pupils know how well they have done and what they need to do to improve.

    The school has established a robust pupil tracking system. Our system uniquely measures pupil progress spanning the new curriculum. Data tracking information and information about vulnerable groups is shared with class teachers, assisting colleagues in determining and facilitating appropriate provision.

    Formal summative testing takes place in accordance with statutory requirements. Colleagues’ judgements are regularly peer moderated in all year groups, both internally and externally (within our cluster of five local schools). We work in strong, constructive partnership with senior Local Authority colleagues to formally moderate teachers’ end of Key Stage judgements in Early Years Foundation Stage and Years 2 and 6. In June 2016 our judgements were endorsed in this way as accurate. Statutory and non-statutory test scores are made available to parents in annual summary records in Term 6.