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    Year 6 Skiing

    It seemed like another rainy Monday morning.

    However this day was different.

    This day was like no other because today was the day we were going… Skiing! As we approached Bowles Activity Centre, I felt hesitant taking part in this activity.

    When they gave us our clumpy ski boots I forced my feet in to them. It felt like I had 10 ton weights on my feet. It was even worse once we had our flimsy skis fitted. Initially we precariously hobbled along to the baby slope.

    We slipped cautiously over a soggy, green patch of felt. Edging across the bottom of the slope, many of us fell. While attempting the crab walk, my body ached, however it was worth it! I felt a sheer thrill as I rapidly raced down the ski slope.

    No one hesitated during crazy booging. It was extremely amusing watching the dances. I made up my own original routine.  We tried our hand at the rather bizarre ‘bunny hop’. I struggled at first although I eventually got the hang of it.         

    Finally…the dreaded ski lift decided to work. Many of us fell off although, fortunately, I didn’t. I fell over at the top instead! We also learnt the (almost impossible) ‘snow plough’.

    Sadly, as any other day, it had to end. I think it was the world’s greatest PE lesson. We all loved it!

    By Gracie, 6C