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    Writer of the Week - Friday 26th June

    Year 4 have been working on extended narrative stories, based on the legend of Robin Hood. They are trying to show the progress they have made in their writing this year. Grace, in 4M, has demonstrated excellent structure, use of grammar and style in her writing. She is immensely proud of her achievements and excited to share an extract with you...

    Suddenly, he began to see a shadow forming behind a silver tree and slowly creeping towards him. He felt as scared as a rabbit about to get eaten by a predator. His whole body was quivering with either excitement or nerves; however he did not know which sense to trust. As the creature, who was suspicious, crept closer, the blur became a bit clearer. He realised who the chivalrous hero was; it was Robin Hood!

    “You scared the life out of me!” gasped Will,

    “Have you found anything?” replied the courageous bowman.

    “No! Not yet, we will have to move closer into the thick black forest...”