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    Writer of the Week Friday 24th April

    Year 3 have chosen Matthew as their Writer of the Week.

    Dear Robin

    I hope you aren’t famished? We’ve found a tremendous place for you and your men; it is called Foal Hurst Wood, although there are a few hazards such as; poisonous berries, mushrooms, dangerous animals, forest fires, frost bite and frozen water - you could freeze. When the water is frozen you dig a deep hole in the ground until you reach a supply of water. The good things are animals like deer, rabbits, grass snakes, badgers and if you and your men are vegetarians there are berries, nuts, grass and leaves. There’s a big pond in the forest but you will need to boil the water. To catch your prey you can climb up the tallest tree that towers over you and then jump on your prey down below. If you wanted to you could build a magnificent tree house so you could spy on your prey and leap into action with one giant leap. Don’t worry; there are loads of trees there.

    Matthew, Year 3