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    Writer of the Week Friday 27th March

    In literacy this week we have been writing our own version of the 'Selfish Crocodile', setting the story in Florida. Here is what Sonya has written so far:

    Far down in the soul of the never ending Everglades there was a heartless creature hiding in the shadows of the stretching trees, pointing high in the misty sky. He lurked in the clear, freshwater lake gnawing on speedy fish and ferociously battling with the other furious alligators. Protruding above the gleaming waters surface, his eyes were like magnets, fixed upon the vibrant Floridian animals who stayed far away from the feared alligator.

    This creature, who sounded mighty vicious, was a very angry alligator who roamed and ruled the freshwater lake. Bending branches and neon green lily pads were either snapped with splinters sticking out or on the land left out to dry. It was his gleaming fresh water lake and he wasn't going to let anyone take that away from him! Nevertheless the innocent animals had to drink so whenever they were thirsty they had to walk for miles through the dangerous wilderness to find a safe refreshing pool of water.

    The alligator lay relaxing calmly on his stretched out back, the sun beaming down on his round tummy. Everyday in his endless spare time he poked his monstrous teeth with a hazelnut coloured stick, sharp at the end looking like an ice cream cone. He would twist it in his rough palm and bending it ever so often.

    Meanwhile the tired Floridian animals wearily trudged through the bending trees casting shade for the panting animals. They once again were frantically on the look out for crystal clear water. Suddenly a painful roar came out of no-where making the trees vibrate and the birds fly out of the magnificent Everglades, on towards the beaming sun.