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    Writer of the Week - Friday 20th March

    Harvey has been chosen as ‘Writer of the Week’  because of the huge improvement he has made in his writing since the beginning of Year 5.

    The Day of the Turtle

    Lying uncomfortably on the desert-like beach I felt confused because I didn’t know where I was.  I was upset and distraught, I needed help so I could go back into the salty sea and have a normal life again. Strolling along the sand, a girl came up to me, I didn’t know what she was going to do.  All of a sudden she started stroking me under my chin, I felt loved, like I had a real family. When she saw the gulls had pecked at me she threw pebbles at the annoying gulls. I was very slowly dying but I felt reassured. I felt relaxed. Then she made a pillow and covered me up in seaweed, I felt trapped as I couldn’t move one bit. Eventually the seagulls came back, I cried so much there were no more tears to cry.

    Mrs Maynard, Year 5 Teacher