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    Embalming Part 2

    6H concluded their embalming investigation this week and it certainly wasn't a pretty sight! As we'd predicted, the tomatoes without 'natron' (an equal mix of salt and bicarbonate of soda) were the least preserved, in that they were teeming with mould and were generally foul! Again, as predicted, the tomatoes that were both packed and covered in the substance were the most successfully preserved; their colour remained relatively similar to the original, and the skin had wrinkled, clearly showing that the natron had helped to remove the 'body' of moisture and protect it from any external moisture that may have been present. The children had lots of fun (and a few nauseous moments!) and have seen just how successful the ancient Egyptians were at preserving their Pharaohs.  A special mention to Leo, who was clearly a miraculous embalmer (or a very lucky one!), because his tomato managed to remain fairly preserved and almost fresh looking, even though it had no natron on it at all! Well done 6H.

    Miss Hawkins