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    Year 5 Studies

    For Key Stage 2 Curriculum Framework please click here.

    7 July 2017

    Wow! Another very hot week! It has been quite hard for the children to focus in this weather, but we have been very impressed with the high quality work they are still producing!

    We started the week practising for Sports Day, which is scheduled for Tuesday at 11am. The children had the chance to practise the track and field events in their teams and are looking forward to competing next week.

    In Science, the classes investigated the speed of reactions by timing and observing the reaction between potassium permanganate and the rhubarb. Our results really showed how increasing the surface area had an effect on the reaction time!

    In Maths, the classes have continued their work on shape, constructing cubes and cuboids and translating and reflecting polygons. In Literacy, the classes have continued working on their descriptive stories, which will be completed next week.

    We hope the children enjoyed meeting their new teacher in their new classroom on Thursday. They were all very excited when we told them and we know they are set for a fantastic year ahead of them.

    There will be no homework now for the rest of the year. We hope this means you can enjoy the sunshine this weekend! We would like to encourage the children to continue practising their times tables at home. The reading scheme will continue for the next week.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    30 June 2017

    Thank you to those of you who came to our Open Day; it was lovely to see so many parents and grandparents and I know the children enjoyed showing you their work. The teachers were so pleased with how Year Five conducted themselves on the day - they were true ambassadors for the school. They were very knowledgeable tour guides and many visitors commented on how polite and friendly they were.

    In Maths this week, 5B have completed their work on the volume of cubes and cuboids and will move on to translation and reflection next week. 5C and 5P have finished translation and reflection of polygons and will move on to the volume of cubes and cuboids.

    In Literacy, all three classes have focused on writing a setting description for the introduction to their story. They have concentrated on using rich, figurative language and incorporating a range of sentence structures. They will write the rest of their story next week.

    In Science we conducted three investigations and decided if the chemical reactions were fast or slow. Ask your child about the exploding paint tin! There were certainly some bangs and shrieks across Year Five today! (5C to do the investigation on Monday).

    The children will find out their teacher for next year on Thursday. They will spend the morning in their new class with their new teacher. A reminder that sports day will be on Tuesday 11th July at 11am for Year 5 and 6.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    23 June 2017

    What a scorching hot week! The children have worked so well considering the immense heat and have not complained once. We can see they are very tired today and ready for the weekend.

    In Maths 5P and 5C have been measuring and drawing angles using a protractor and finding missing angles in 2d shapes. Next week they will be moving on to reflection and translation. 5B have started looking at the volume of cubes and cuboids and have drawn these shapes onto Isometric paper. We will carry on with this next week and begin to calculate the volume.

    In Literacy we have finished our city guides on various European capital cities and written descriptive paragraphs on settings based on the book, ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker. The children have also started sharing their projects and we have been very impressed with their work and how confident they are when presenting to their peers. We will continue with this next week.

    During Science this week the children have investigated whether a chemical reaction between two materials is exothermic or endothermic. This took careful measuring with a thermometer, observing the reaction and recording of results accurately.

    Next Thursday is our Open Day and a chance for your child to share their work with you. A separate letter will be sent out next week with exact timings. We hope to see many of you at our Summer Fayre tomorrow.

    16 June 2017

    Thank you for all the wonderful projects we have received so far. We will begin hearing presentations next week. Please send any outstanding projects in by early next week.

    In maths this week, we have continued to find the perimeter and area of shapes. We have focused on finding the area of compound shapes including those with triangles. Some classes have also moved on to revising the names and properties of 3D shapes. Next week classes 5C and 5P will move on to measuring and drawing various angles using protractors. As 5B have completed this earlier in the year, they will be finding the volume of cubes and cuboids.

    In literacy, some classes have completed setting descriptions and dialogues based on the ‘Journey ‘by Aaron Becker.  Some children have also retold part of the story using a variety of language devices and powerful vocabulary. Next week children will design their own setting and begin to plan an adventure story based using this setting.

    In science we have revised what a chemical reaction is and looked more specifically at endothermic and exothermic reactions. The children will be conducting four experiments next week, observing and recording results and then deciding the type of reaction.

    This week, the children took part in a schools workout by ‘The Bodycoach’. It was very hot and sweaty but lots of fun. The children certainly gave it their all and are looking forward to the next one! (Maybe not the teachers!)

    Have a lovely weekend.

    9 June 2017

    We hope you had a restful holiday - the weeks seem to fly by! In Maths this week, we have been looking at finding the perimeter of different shapes and finding the length of the sides when the perimeter is given. We have also solved word problems using perimeter. We have started to look at the area of compound shapes (shapes joined together) and will continue this next week. In Literacy, some classes have started to look at the text, “Journey” by Aaron Becker. This is a fantastic wordless picture book so the children are able to invent the narrative and dialogue to accompany it. This will also lead to writing their own story about a journey.

    In Art, the children have chosen to create a piece in the style of either the Spanish artist, Gaudi, or the Belgian artist, Magritte. They have started to write a fact file about the artist to accompany their designs. Next week we will look at Spain and Belgium in more detail.

    Year Five had their own mini election on Thursday. The main parties’ manifestos were given to different groups and they had to present the positives and negatives of each of the policies. This led to a lovely heated debate and there are certainly some budding politicians out there!

    A reminder that the homework this week is to complete a project on a European country of your choice. Details of this are in the Literacy homework book. We have also sent spellings this week.

    A reminder that you can now register for the Kent Test online (for a Grammar school place) and registration closes on the 3rd July. ( Please ask your teacher if you have any questions about this.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Term 6


    ·         Perimeter

    ·         Angles

    ·         Geometric construction

    ·         Volume of cubes and cuboids

    ·         Reflection and translation of shapes.


    ·         Poetry based on volcanos and waterfalls.

    ·         Fictional writing based on the book, “Journey” by Aaron Becker.


    Particle Theory – Focus on different substances that create chemical reactions. A focus on  exothermic and endothermic chemical reactions.


    ·         Continuing our trip around Europe. Researching the culture, landscapes and main landmarks of various European countries.

    ·         Orienteering around the school grounds.


    ·         Study of Spain’s famous artist: Gaudi.


    26 May 2017

    We have finished off our work on percentages this week and will spend the last term focusing on various aspects of shape such as perimeter, angles, volume of cubes and cuboids. In Literacy we will also continue our focus on poetry and writing poems based on the Icelandic landscape for the first week back before moving onto story writing.

    In Science we have investigated the reaction between metals and acids. The children were given four metals to place into test tubes and then added a small amount of hydrochloric acid to each one.  They carefully noted down any changes they could see and we discussed the different reaction rates of each metal. They also had great fun watching ‘The Elephant’s Toothpaste’ demonstration – ask your child about this. We will continue with particle theory next term and conduct lots more exciting investigations.

    In art, the children have used oil pastels to create and design some beautiful Russian doll pictures and bird drawings based on Scandinavian folk law.

    We have set a project for homework, based on our Europe topic to be handed in by the 16th June. Your child may select a European country of their choice to research and present to their class. This may be started in half term or during the first two weeks back. Details of this project are in your child’s literacy book.

    Have a lovely half term.

    19 May 2017

    We have carried on with fractions, decimals and percentages this week and moved on to percentage word problems, which most found rather tricky as they involve 2 or more steps. Next week we will finish this topic by finding a percentage of an amount and do further word problems.

    In Literacy we have finished and presented our newspaper articles on Vesuvius. Some classes have moved on to our next topic of poetry, with a focus on volcanos and waterfalls. The children had great fun performing poetry with percussion. They will look at poem structures next week, select powerful vocabulary and then write their own freestyle poem on volcanos or waterfalls.  This links with our study of Iceland which we will continue next week.

    We had a very messy science lesson this week when the children investigated what happens when water is added to cornflour! This was part of our work on non-Newtonian materials, materials that share the properties of more than one state. Next week the children will investigate how acid affects different metals and they will closely observe and record the chemical reactions that take place.

    We hope the children have enjoyed the HIT (high intensity training) over the last few weeks!

    Have a lovely weekend.

    12 May 2017

    In maths this week, we started looking at percentages. We converted between decimals, fractions and percentages and also revised how to simplify fractions. Next week, we will use these skills to solve percentage word problems and to express fractions as percentages that have denominators which are not 100.

    In Literacy, the children have written a newspaper article about the eruption of Vesuvius on the town of Pompeii. In our Europe topic, to finish our section on Italy, all classes made some delicious pizzas! We have started to write instructions on the method for this. Next week we will move our focus to Iceland and look in more detail at this country’s landscape and the structure of a volcano. They will write poetry based on some of the natural features of Iceland’s landscape, such as waterfalls, volcanos and geysers.

    In science, the children were fascinated when a metal spoon started melting in water as we stirred it. We also looked closely at silly putty and recorded, when it was suspended above the table, how far it dripped over time. This lead to discussions on how some materials can be more than one state of matter. Next week the children will investigate other materials that share properties of more than one state.

    Have a great weekend.

    5 May 2017

    Firstly, a big thank you to everyone for your sponsored walk fundraising and to those that came along yesterday. A special thanks to the Mums and Dads that walked and in some cases sprinted around the track, we were very impressed! We will let you know the final amount when all the money has been sent in.

    This week in maths we have found the mean of different sets of numbers, including decimals. The main issue here is that often mistakes are being made with the initial addition of the numbers. We have encouraged children to double check their calculations. We have looked at word problems involving mean and reversed the calculations needed. So the mean has been given but they need to work out some of the individual amounts. We will carry on with word problems next week.

    In literacy the children have researched the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in CE 79 and what happened to Pompeii. The children then presented a Newsround report and an accompanying PowerPoint about the events. We were very impressed with their fact finding and presenting skills, there are definitely some budding newsreaders in each class! Next week each class will begin planning and then writing a newspaper article about the eruption.

    In Science, we demonstrated to the children what happens when you ignite oxygen and methylated spirits! Ask your child what happened during the ‘Woosh Bottle’ investigation! Next week we will continue to look at solids, liquids and gases and the children will investigate when materials change from one state to another.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    21 April 2017

    We hope you all had a lovely and restful holiday. We are sure that you enjoyed the Bowles assembly; the children put so much hard work into it and we were very proud of how they delivered their lines so confidently. It was planned, scripted and performed with very little help from us, and they should be delighted at what they have achieved.

    The children really enjoyed our trip to the church this week, where we explored the Easter story. It was a really nice opportunity for them to ask questions about Easter and understand why we celebrate the occasion.

    In between practising for our assembly, we have started our topic of Europe. The children have selected the countries we will be visiting, and in literacy, have started an imaginary blog about our forthcoming adventures. The first country on our trip will be Italy and next week they will send a letter to a child in a school in Italy.

    In maths, we have continued to convert between measures with a focus on Litres and Millilitres. We have also solved measure word problems. We will finish this next week and start finding the mean (average) of different amounts.

    We look forward to seeing many of you at parent’s evening next week.

    31 March 2017

    We have come to the end of a very busy and enjoyable term. We hope your child enjoyed Bowles; despite the cold weather, all the children took part in the activities with great enthusiasm. We were very proud of how all the children behaved. They were excellent ambassadors for our school.

    We have come to the end of our Viking topic and for the Summer terms, we will be focusing on Europe.  Each class will decide which countries they wish to visit on their European tour. The focus will mainly be on geographical skills, such as map reading and identifying the key physical and human characteristics of different countries. We will focus on European mountain ranges, rivers, volcanos and earthquakes. Over the Easter holidays you may wish to help your child become familiar with a map of Europe and identify different countries and their capital cities.

    We have all really enjoyed our Science these last two terms, and for the Summer terms, we are moving on to Particle Theory. This unit will build on the children’s knowledge of solids, liquids and gases and their properties. The children will learn how to describe a chemical reaction and will investigate/observe how different liquids and solids react with each other. The children will have lots of opportunities to predict, plan and carry out numerous investigations and will hopefully enjoy plenty of bangs and explosions!

    We are not setting homework over the holidays and the reading scheme will commence again after Easter. However, your child may wish to read at leisure and practise their multiplication tables. You should have received a note today inviting you to our Bowles assembly which is on Thursday 20th March at 2.15pm in the large hall. On the Tuesday afternoon of the same week (18th), we will also be visiting St Andrew’s church for an Easter workshop.

    Have a lovely Easter break.

    17 March 2017

    This week all classes have started our maths unit on measure. We have been converting between different units of measure and remembering how to multiply or divide decimals by 100 or 1000.

    In Literacy, the classes have used their planning from last week to write a first-hand account of a Viking raid on Lindisfarne. They focused on the long boat journey and how they would have felt. We are really proud of the descriptions they have used and how they showed their feelings through action.

    We ask for you to return homework next week on Tuesday due to our early departure for Bowles on Wednesday. Spellings will be tested in the last week of term.

    We are all very excited about our forthcoming Bowles trip and are hoping for some lovely, sunny weather. Please do ask the office if you need an additional kit list or medical form. All medicines and forms should be brought in on Tuesday to avoid any delays on the Wednesday morning. Children should arrive at school at 8am and come through the office to wait in their classroom. We will depart no later than 8.30am. Children should bring a day pack with gloves and a water bottle that they can be fill up when needed at the various water stations around the site. As well as 3 meals a day, a fruit snack will be given mid-morning.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    10 March 2017

    This week in Literacy we have been focusing on the suspense genre. We have been looking at the techniques authors use to make the reader feel scared and anxious, such as short sentences, eerie sound effects and using empty words such as ‘somebody’ or ‘something’. The classes have practised writing about a haunted house and next week they will use these techniques to describe a Viking raid.

    In maths:

    5B – revised long division, long division problems and looked at ratio with 3 amounts.

    5C – ordered decimals and converted between fractions and decimals.

    5P – continued with fraction word problems.

    Next week all classes will move on to measure. We will focus on key conversion facts and practise converting between the different units of measure. This will also involve solving measure word problems. In preparation for this, you could discuss with your child at home the different units of measure we use for length, mass and capacity.

    Please can we ask if your child could bring in an empty 2 litre bottle for a science investigation next week (from Monday). We will be looking at water resistance and testing different shapes in water.


    Thank you and have a lovely weekend.

    3 March 2017

    We all really enjoyed World Book Day this week and the children all looked wonderful in their outfits. On the day, Year Five read the Robin Hood story called the ‘Golden Arrow’ and then they took part in an archery competition in the hall. The children told each other about their outfit and about their favourite book they had brought in. They took part in a quiz around the school in their house groups where they had to find pictures of book characters or front covers from well known children’s books hidden around the school. They had to state the name of the book or character to win points for their house. We also made book marks and redesigned the cover for their favourite book.

    In maths this week:

    5B –Simplifying ratios and solving ratio word problems, sometimes using the bar model.

    5C- Changing tenths into decimals, addition and subtraction of tenths.

    5P – Fraction word problems.

    In literacy, most classes completed their dragon story and next week, which is a slight change of plan, we are going to focus on suspense writing. We will be looking at this genre of writing and picking out the techniques authors use to add excitement and suspense. The children will use these techniques to imagine they are taking part in a Viking raid.

    In science, the children had great fun taking part in a magnetic circus! This involved visiting different stations to conduct various investigations with magnets. They tested different materials to see if they were magnetic, predicted and tested the strength of different magnets, used iron filings and made compasses. Ask your child to tell you all about 'Splat the rat!’

    Have a great weekend.

    24 February 2017

    Today we had a visit from the NSPCC, who lead an informative assembly and ran a workshop for each class in the school. Thank you for your donations from today; they were very grateful to have our support. Also, a reminder that it is World Book Day next week and your child may dress as a character from a book. We will be organising fun, book related activities for the children on this day. We have asked your child to bring in their favourite book to show and talk about with their class. Please could you remind them to bring this in on the day.

    In maths, 5B have started looking at ratio. We have looked at grouping objects and stating the ratio between the groups, finding equivalent ratios and simplifying ratios. We will continue this next week and look at ratio word problems. 5C have completed their work on ratio and revised long division. They will move on to decimals next week. 5P have added and subtracted unlike fractions and solved word problems. Next week 5P will be multiplying proper fractions.

    In Literacy all classes have continued writing their story about training the dragon, Toothless. Next week they will concluded their story, edit and then improve their work. We will then move on to planning a newspaper article about an event in the book called the ‘Thor’sday Thursday’ celebration.

    In topic, the children have started researching the Viking raid on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. By the end of this unit they will have written a first-hand report of the raid. This week they have been thinking of the questions they need to ask to be able to do this and researching on tablets for information.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    3 February 2017

    This has been the week of making things! In science we have continued to look at forces and the children had the task of making a car powered by a balloon. They were given various equipment to choose from and then worked with a pair to put their design into action. The finished models were then taken to the hall to be tested, which was great fun! The winning car was the design that travelled the furthest. We then talked about the science behind the investigation and discussed how we could change the car to travel further or faster.

    In topic work, 5B and 5P have started to create their own longships. After a few weeks of careful planning, practising joining techniques, choosing and bringing in resources, they have started to build their design. These will be finished next week and they will evaluate each other’s boats. 5C have researched and planned some very threatening Viking weapons which we will start to make next week!

    In maths this week 5B have completed their work on fractions by converting fractions into decimals that have denominators other than 10, 100 or a 1000. Some also used long division to change the fractions if the denominator was not a multiple of 10, 100 or 1000. 5P and 5C have continued with solving ratio problems. On Friday, the classes enjoyed some puzzling Maths challenges in groups to win points for their house.

    In literacy, the children have now finished and presented their non-chronological report as a leaflet. Next week the children will write a story based on the adventures of Hiccup and Toothless as the dragon training begins!

    Thank you for attending the Bowles meeting. Information was sent home with anyone that could not make the meeting. Please let your child’s teacher know if you have not received the information. Please see your class teacher if you missed the meeting and would like to discuss Bowles. We will be talking to the children about the trip next week and will decide the groups.

    Have a lovely weekend,

    27 January 2017

    In Maths this week, 5B have looked at the value of each digit in decimals with tenths, hundredths and thousandths. We have ordered decimals and rounded numbers to 1 or 2 decimal places. Next week we will learn how to change fractions with denominators that are not 10, 100 or 1000 into decimals. In 5C and 5P, children have been exploring ratios, finding equivalent ratios and solving word problems involving ratio.

    In Literacy, children have used their plans to write non-chronological reports about dragons. We are really proud of their writing, especially as they had to make up their own information! These will be finished next week and we will continue reading ‘How to Train your Dragon’. The children will then plan and write their own story about a disaster Hiccup had when training his dragon.

    In Science this week, children have learnt about friction. They used Newton meters to show how pulling an object over different surfaces requires different amounts of force (acceleration). The children watched in awe as their teacher swiped a table cloth from under a vase without breaking it!  Ask your child why the vase did not fall off and break!

    Thank you for all the junk modelling brought in. We will start building our long ships or weapons next week so you still have time to bring in other items. Some classes are very short on supplies!

    We hope to see many of you at our Bowles information evening on Tuesday 31st January at 7pm in the large hall. We will send out information to parents who are unable to attend the following day. There will also be information sheets to take away after the meeting.

    20 January 2017

    In literacy the children have finished their ‘Hiccup’ diary entries and have been planning a non-chronological report on their dragon. They are now planning how to present their report. We have looked at words containing ‘ough’ spelling and discussed the different sounds the letter string makes in certain words. These are the spellings this week.

    In Maths, 5P have started looking at the concept of ratio and they will move on to equivalent ratios next week. 5C have been multiplying a 3 digit by a 2 digit number and will move back to the area of triangles next week. 5B have been using and understanding tenths, hundredths and thousandths. This has involved converting between decimals and fractions, ordering decimals on a number line and using place value grids to make different decimal numbers.

    The children had great fun this week investigating air pressure using a Vitamin C tablet, water and a film canister. Ask your child if they can explain what happened and why! The children were very good at discussing how they could change the investigation and predicting the results. Next week in science we will look at the force of friction.

    In art the children are designing the front cover of their topic book by using different materials to create a college of the sea and a Viking boat. In our Viking work, 5B and 5P have been researching longships and have started to plan their own longship design. 5C are going to start researching weapons next week. To help make their models, please could you send in any empty boxes, rope, string, pieces of dowel, etc? This would be very useful and greatly appreciated.


    Have a lovely weekend.

    13 January 2017

    This week in literacy the children have described their own dragon and made a top trump card. They rated their dragon according to certain criteria, such as speed, disobedience and size. Some children have also written a diary entry about Hiccup’s adventure into the cave to collect his dragon. Next week we will finish our dairy entries and then move on to writing a non- chronological report about dragons including information such as their diet and habitat. We will continue to read our class text, “How to Train Your Dragon”.

    In maths, classes 5C and 5P have been learning about the properties of triangles and how to find the area. Class 5B always have shape work on a Monday morning and then for the rest of the week they have been solving fraction problems.

    We started our science topic on forces this week. The children had great fun discussing how an egg could fit inside a conical flask without breaking. This was then successfully demonstrated by us!  Ask your child how we managed to do this without using magic! They should also be able to explain the science behind this. Next week the children will plan and carry out their own investigation into air pressure.

    Your child should have brought home a letter today, inviting you to a meeting at the school on the 31st January about our upcoming Bowles trip. It will give you an opportunity to ask any questions and listen to the structure of the trip and what children should bring. We will also send out information to those parents that are unable to make the meeting.

    Have a great weekend.

    6 January 2017

    We made it through the first week! I am sure the early mornings were tricky for some (especially teachers!). We hope you all had a good Christmas break. The children have applied themselves well this week and worked hard.

    In maths we have reviewed some of the place value work from the first term. This has involved working out the value of each digit, completing sequences, multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 and rounding to estimate answers. We have also revised the four main calculation strategies.  Next week 5C and 5P will be moving on to finding the area of triangles. 5B will be looking at fractions again and specifically subtracting unlike fractions.

    We have started our new topic of ‘The Vikings’ and we are using the text, ‘How to Train your Dragon’. If your child has a copy of this they could bring it in to use in class. We have had great fun writing a list of instructions on how to catch a dragon. The children used all the features of instructional writing and added lots of descriptive and humorous detail. Next week the children will design and describe their own dragon and make top trump cards.

    In our topic work we have discussed what we already know about ‘The Vikings’ and the children have decided what they would like to find out over the next few terms. 5B and 5P have decided the first area they would like to investigate and research is the Viking Longship. Once they have gathered the information on this they will design and make their own Longship. 5C are going to decide where they want to start next week.

    Next week KS2 will be starting a new science scheme from a company called Empiribox. The first two terms will cover forces and will involve lots of practical investigations. We are all very excited about this.

    Happy New Year