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    Year 4 Studies

    For Key Stage 2 Curriculum Framework please click here.

    Term 6

    This term we will be continuing our outdoor educational learning, mountain biking at Bedgebury. 4BN had a fantastic time on their first session even after gaining a few more bumps and bruises than normal. The children represented our school well and all achieved something new. We can’t wait for them to complete their second day and for the other two classes to have the same rewarding experience.

    We will also be continuing our topic, ‘Swords and Sandals’, delving into the Ancient Roman period following the Greeks. We will be following the life of a Roman soldier and learning about the invasion of Britain. At the end of the term the children will be involved in a project led by themselves, researching the strategies used during the invasion as well as how people in Britain defended the land. Then, once they have completed their research and made their props we are aiming to re-enact the invasion of Britain on the field to finish our topic off. 

    Term 5

    Swords and sandals at the ready! Year 4 will be jumping back in time to the Ancient Greeks, looking at life as a Greek, exploring the Gods and learning about the fascinating Greek mythology, as well as having a look at the famous Olympics which was first created by the athletic Greeks for entertainment.  As well as this we will be hosting a Greek day at the end of the term where the children will have the opportunity to dress up like a Greek, taste Greek food and take part in the Olympic games. This will lead us nicely Into Term 6 where we will be exploring the Ancient Romans and the Empire they created.

    As well as this we will be starting our outdoor learning, cycling around Bedgebury. More information will be sent out regarding this. We hope all the children enjoy the experience and look forward to seeing how good a cyclist they are. It's been a while since us teachers have been on a bike so we will be looking to the children for support and guidance! 

    Term 4

    Wow! Some incredible work was produced in Term 3 all about the rainforest, from descriptive and informative writing focusing on specific elements of the rainforest to stunningly colourful toucan paintings which beautifully decorate each classroom's walls. We hope the children have enjoyed learning about the Amazon Rainforest so far and look forward to this term where we continue doing so. 

     In week two of the term we will be taking a slight pause from our topic to submerse ourselves in the amazing story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for book week. As part of the week the children will have the opportunity to discover the story by reading extracts, studying some of the main characters, tasting a variety of chocolate and designing their own type of chocolate or sweet, describing the chocolate factory and watching short clips of the original 1971 film. On top of this they will have the opportunity to come in dressed as their favorite book character on Thursday. We can't wait to see which character they choose. 

    Carrying on with our topic we will then be looking at the effects of deforestation, including debate writing and the creation of informative posters to help save the rainforests and its creatures, especially the sloths which the children have taken a particular shine to. We will be learning about endangered animals which live in the Amazon and looking closely at climate change and its effects on our world, thinking about the things we can do to help. 

     To finish off our topic, in Term 5, each class will be visiting Kew Gardens to experience what it would be like in a rainforest and to see for themselves some of the wonderful plants which can be found there.  


    Term 3

    From all in Year 4, happy New Year!

    Over the next two terms we will be exploring the depths of the rainforest situated in South America.  We will be looking at life in the rainforest, the different animals which live hidden within the different layers, the effect and impact modern day life is having upon the rainforest and how we can do our bit to help with issues such as climate change and endangered animals. There will be a range of skills continuing to be developed through both fiction and non-fictional writing. We will be looking at two stories in particular which focus on life in the rainforest. They are ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ by Lynne Cherry and ‘The Sharman’s Apprentice’ also by Lynne Cherry. We also have an opportunity to create some wonderful rainforest art work with our Art Specialist.

    Alongside topic we will be focusing on forces, which will involve lots of fun and exciting experiments and demonstrations. With their goggles on and curious questions being asked we hope to have many keen scientists in the making. 

    In maths we will be learning more about fractions, developing our understanding and applying what we have learnt. As well as this we will be looking at 2D shapes, angles, types of lines and how to read a compass.

    We continue to ask for any willing volunteers to read with each class, in particular 4BT and 4BN. If there is anyone who can help please speak to the class teacher.

    We also plan to undertake a junk modelling project in the last week of term before the February break. If you have any cardboard boxes, tubes, plastic pots etc, we would love to have them. Please can we ask, if you are sending in junk which has once contained food, that it be washed out beforehand.

    Well done to those who won the Reading Challenge Raffle draw. We will be starting this again on Tuesday 3rd of January and hope to see just as many or hopefully more who after 10 consecutive reads receive their Bronze Award again. We have been so impressed by how much reading is being done at home and thank you again for your time and effort in supporting this.

    We’d like to remind you that our door is always open and if there is ever anything you need or would like to talk about please do not hesitate to come in and speak to the class teachers. 

    Term 2

    This term we will be continuing our studies of Ancient Egypt, furthering our understanding with an exciting trip to the Kent Life Museum where we will be experiencing a day in the life of an Ancient Egyptian. We look forward to seeing the children all dressed up for this. Don’t forget to wrap up warm with lots of layers as we will be outside a fair bit throughout the day.

    We’d like to thank you for all the Pringle pots which were brought in too. It was quite interesting to see which flavours people enjoyed the most! They will shortly be turned into canopic jars which the children, I’m sure, will look forward to showing you.

    As well as this we are going to continue our studies of Ancient Egypt but through one of the most famous archaeologists’ eyes, Howard Carter. We will be joining him on his adventure, digging for new treasures and wonders in the desert and hopefully uncovering the tomb of Tutankhamen. This will be influencing a lot of our literacy work where we will be writing letters of application, diary entries of our adventure and newspaper reports of the discoveries we make. Alongside this we will be developing our grammar skills such as knowing how to use certain types of punctuation accurately, using paragraphs and developing a range of complex sentences using fronted adverbials and drop in clauses.

    In maths we will be continuing to secure our calculation methods and understanding of number. As a result we will be recapping and revising doubling and halving, learning about negative numbers and ensuring that the children’s understanding of place value is embedded as this underpins all maths and number work. Following that we will be solving problems using the Singapore Bar Model which is a method designed to help children understand and interpret a question with ease. If you’d like to learn more about this here is a link to a research paper giving more information: equally all teachers in Year 4 are more than happy for you to pop in and ask any questions. Once this is secure we will then be looking at collecting data and how it is represented in graphs and tables.

    We are continuing with the reading reward scheme and were thrilled to see how many children received a Bronze, Silver or Gold award for 10 consecutive reads since 12th September. We look forward to handing more of these out alongside raffle tickets. 

    Term 1

    We are delighted to say the transition from Year 3 to Year 4 has been one of ease. The children have come back with a keen and eager attitude towards learning and have risen to meet the high expectations and standards set for them. We know the year ahead is going to be one full of success and achievement and look forward to sharing it with you all.

    Our first topic this year is ‘Ancient Egypt’. So far we have been busy learning about the importance of the River Nile and how it played a role in the lives of the Ancient Egyptians. Next we will be learning about the pyramids, reading hieroglyphics, studying the gods and goddesses, discovering what the Egyptians believed about the Afterlife and finding out all about mummification.

    After half term we will be going on our school trip to the Kent Life Museum where we will be experiencing a day in the life of an Ancient Egyptian. We look forward to seeing the children all dressed up for this. We will then be continuing our studies of Ancient Egypt but through one of the most famous archaeologist’s eyes, Howard Carter. We will be joining him on his adventure, digging for new treasures and wonders in the desert and hopefully uncovering the tomb of Tutankhamen. 

    In literacy we will be developing our writing through learning about and creating a variety of non-fiction and fiction texts. We have recently written our own guides to Egypt and have now begun learning the Egyptian story about the ‘Creation of the World’. Please can we ask that you continue to practise the spellings which are sent home as this will help enhance your child’s writing.

    To start the term off we are learning all about numbers such as, place value, rounding, estimating and practising the use of a formal written method for the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). We would love it if the children could continue practicing their times tables at home as well as number bonds to 10, 20, 50 and 100 eg. 27 + 73 = 100.

    We are continuing with the reading reward scheme and are thrilled to see the many children who have already received a Bronze award for 10 consecutive reads.