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  • New entrants information evening

    Wednesday 30 October at 7pm followed by Open Mornings on Thursday 31 October & Friday 1 November from 9.30am (no need to book)

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    Year 4 Studies

    For Key Stage 2 Curriculum Framework please click here.

    Year 4

    Term One 


    This term in maths we will be covering

    • Place value to 5 digits – reading/writing numbers in words and digits
    • Adding/taking away 1, 10 or 100
    • Rounding to the nearest ten or hundred
    • Column addition and subtraction
    • Applying these methods to solve real life word problems
    • Factors and multiples
    • Multiplication by 1 and 2 digit numbers
    • Doubling and halving



    • Creative writing based on the books ‘The Enormous crocodile’, ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’ and ‘The great Kapock tree’
    • Re-writing and improving a story using powerful description of settings and characters
    • Writing animal fact files

    Grammar & Spelling

    • Using Standard English was/were and avoiding double negatives


    Living things and their habitats

    • Characteristics of species
    • Informal and formal methods of classification
    • What all living things need to survive

    Topic- Rainforests

    • Labelling continents, the Equator, the Tropics and where rainforests are located on a map
    • Layers of the rainforest
    • Animals and plants in the rainforest
    • Tribes of the Rainforest
    • Deforestation

    Term 2


    • Pairs to 100 and 1000
    • Counting on or back in 1s, 10s or 100s
    • Division by a 1 digit number
    • Division and multiplication word problems
    • Tables and line graphs
    • Fractions – ordering on a number line
    • Mixed number fractions and improper fractions


    • English
    • Newspaper Reports – the opening of Tutankhamun’s Tomb
    • Diary writing as a slave
    • Narrative writing from class novel
    • Poetry 


    • Naming and describing the function of teeth
    • Identify & matching shape of teeth to use
    • How to look after our teeth
    • The effects of not looking after teeth
    • Looking at the parts and functions of the digestive system


    • Where in the world is Egypt?
    • The Importance and use of the River Nile
    • The Hierarchy of Egyptian civilisation
    • Homes & houses
    • Daily Life
    • Gods and Goddesses
    • Tombs Pyramids
    • A journey into the afterlife
    • Mummifications
    • Archaeology and the finding of Tutankhamun’s Tomb

    How to help at home…


    Reading in Year Four operates in the same way as in Year Three. Please sign the reading diary to confirm your child has read their book and encourage your child to change their book regularly. It is their responsibility to select a new book and write the title in. We will monitor your child’s reading level and move them up a level accordingly.  


    Maths and English homework will be given out on a Friday and collected in on a Wednesday. This will usually be based on what has been taught in class. English this year will mainly have a spelling and grammar focus. Spellings will be tested each Friday.


    In Year Four this year, we will be placing a big focus on securing times tables knowledge and the children will take part in a regular weekly tables challenges. They will need to answer both multiplication and division questions on the times tables they are working on and complete the questions in a set time.

    Please ask children what their individual tables challenge is. They should be able to tell you, if not please ask the class teacher.


    P.E days will generally be Wednesday and Friday but it is a good idea to have your P.E kit in school all week in case additional sessions are held or times are changed. Please ensure your child has an indoor and outdoor named P.E kit.

    4P will start their swimming sessions this term. More dates and information will follow shortly.

    For maths calculation guidance please click here.