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    Year 3 Studies

    For Key Stage 2 Curriculum Framework please click here.

    Term 5

    Year 3 are certainly going to be busy in term 5. 3J and 3MR will be visiting Bowles for their team building and outdoor adventure activities, which the classes are really looking forward to. Starting from Friday 28th April each class will be going swimming on a weekly basis, we will be going to Kent College for lessons each week during both terms 5 and 6. This is sure to be a fun and exciting new activity for PE for everybody in Year 3.

    The Stone Age topic has now finished and you have no doubt seen some fantastic work taken home recently, including the clay pots and spear heads. Our new topic is Robin Hood and will allow for many outdoor and creative opportunities in the summer term. We will be focusing on woodlands and medieval life including castles and knights.

    The Year 3 team look forward to presenting the classes work and achievements in assemblies to parents over the course of the summer term, keep an eye on the website and newsletters to find out the dates closer to the time.

    Term 4

    This term is set to be an exciting one in Year 3. The term started with a visit from an archaeologist from the Tunbridge Wells Museum. Jeremy brought lots of artefacts from the Stone Age period, with some of the items being over 30,000 years old. The classes had the opportunity to look at and hold the artefacts whilst learning about how they were made and what they were used for.

    We are extremely lucky this term to be having art lessons from a specialist art teacher. We will be learning about the artist Vincent Van Gogh, producing art work based on his work which we look forward to displaying around school.

    Also it will be the start of our outdoor adventure activities, with 3S going to Bowles Outdoor Adventure Centre later this term. They will be participating in a number of team building activities  as well as an ‘Earth Walk’. It’s set to be a busy but fun term.

    Term 3

    In maths the children are continually facing lots of mathematical challenges in the form of the bus stop method for division and the Singapore bar model.

    We also have exciting times ahead with several science demonstrations to enhance the pupils’ understanding of forces.

    As part of our Stone Age topic we are enjoying a classic text; Stig of the Dump.

    Congratulations to Bassou, Freddy and Ned on being the lucky winners of the Year 3 10 reads in a row challenge. We will be starting fresh this term and would positively encourage you to continue reading at home.


    This term we will be changing the way we are testing spelling. The children will come home with up to ten words per week as part of their English homework, these words will then be tested the following Wednesday.

    Term 2

    This term we will be continuing with our studies about Africa. We have begun this term with our amazing trips to Howletts.  Although the weather proved a little cold all the children really enjoyed their day and benefited from seeing some of the animals they have been learning about  first hand. A special opportunity came for some of the children as we they lucky enough to see the two week old baby rhino was born during half term. Other animals we saw were a lion, gorillas, lemurs, wild wolves and a tiger. In particular the lemur walk gave the children a wonderful opportunity to be close to wild animals. The children showed huge respect for these beautiful wild creatures.

    The staff would like to thank-you for all the milk cartons which have been sent in.  We’ve had a fantastic response. The children and staff are eager to create their class herd of DT elephants!  Watch this space!

    In English this term we will be developing ideas from our trip to Howletts beginning with a recount of our day trip. The children will be encouraged to develop their writing by learning to use powerful verbs, to use connectives to extend their sentences and phrases and to ensure they add interest to their writing for the reader. They will also be developing their use of adjectives and appropriate vocabulary whilst also always checking for accurate punctuation and spelling. We will also continue with poetry work developing further ways to write and create poetry.  It was really encouraging to hear so many parents compliment their child’s poetry work during parents’ evenings. Thank you also to all the parents who are supporting their child at home with the more complex weekly spellings.  This is of course in addition to regularly reviewing common and high frequency words during our grammar, punctuation and spelling lessons.

    It has been great to see many children receiving their bronze and silver reading awards for 10 consecutive reads.  The children are very motivated by this scheme and we would urge you to continue to support your child with reading at home each night.

    In maths we will be continuing to secure our calculation methods and understanding of number, ensuring that the children’s understanding of place value is embedded as this underpins all maths and number work.  We will be continuing with work on place value work and column addition and subtraction word problems. We will be solving problems using the Singapore Bar Model which is a method designed to help children understand and interpret a question with ease. If you’d like to learn more about this here is a link to a research paper giving more information:

     Please support your child at home by supporting them with learning their 3x and 4x tables as well as addition and subtraction number bonds within 20 eg. 13 + 7 = 20, 19 – 6 = 13. Quick recall of number facts can make problem solving so much easier.

    Term 1

    In Year 3 this term we have launched our new topic about Africa. We began by inviting the author Paul Geraghty in to speak with the children.  He spoke about how he develops his ideas for writing.  He captured the children’s imaginations with tales of his early childhood in Africa. Simultaneously he drew several incredible felt pen pictures and talked the children through various techniques that he uses to create his wonderful drawings. It was a fantastic start to the term and has really inspired the children.  We are now developing the children’s own stories by using story telling techniques and by developing talk for writing.  The children are also being taught to use the knowledge and skills they are learning in grammar, punctuation and spelling lessons to edit and improve their own pieces of writing.

    In maths this term we are focussing on place value work and how we can use this to problem solve. The children are working on column addition and subtraction and word problems. To see the methods the children are using in their problem solving have a look at the clips on the school website; about us/ curriculum / maths /example maths calculations / year 3.

    In science this term the children are investigating the importance of nutrition in animals including humans. They will be discussing how important food is for animals and why it is important to eat a balanced diet as well as considering the effects on their bodies if they don’t eat properly.