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Paddock Wood Primary School

Paddock Wood Primary School

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    Year 2 Studies

    For Key Stage 1 Curriculum Framework please click here.

    Our topic for Term 6 is Castles and Dragons. This will include a trip to Hever castle to learn about what life was really like inside a castle. We will also learn about Henry VIII and his wives as Hever was Anne Boleyn’s childhood home. Through topic the children will learn about how people became a knight and design their own family heraldry. In English we will use our experience on the trip as well as knight knowledge to write a recount and non-fiction information texts. Maths this term will recap fractions and shapes. We have started a specialised rotation with children learning programming in computing, experiencing different games within PE and outdoor education using equipment purchased with money from our fantastic cake sale. ​

    Over the course of Terms 4 and 5 our topic is ‘Into the Woods’. Much of our writing will be based around traditional tales set in the woods such as Hansel and Gretel and Little Red Riding Hood. We will also compare books by Julia Donaldson and learn more about her as an author. 

    Into the Woods lends itself to a wide range of topic based learning, with the children enjoying measuring trees, creating artwork using natural materials and germinating our own seeds to investigate conditions needed for growth. We will be visiting Foal Hurst Woods in Paddock Wood to immerse ourselves in a woodland setting to inspire our creative writing and explore a woodland environment.

    In maths we are revisiting the four calculation methods to embed and build the children’s confidence in using these different methods especially when solving word problems.

    Happy New Year to all families; we hope you had a restful holiday. We continue our topic of Frozen lands into Term 3 focusing on the adventures of Ernest Shackleton and the landscapes of the Polar regions. Topic will be based around the story ‘Where the Wild things are’ allowing the children to create their own fantasy lands and wild creatures, linking to our topic of discovering new lands and animals. The main character Max sails to a new land and Year 2 will investigate materials that float and sink in order to create our own boats! In maths, we will continue to secure knowledge of addition and subtraction and will introduce re-grouping using diennes and the column method. The children have really impressed us with their multiplication knowledge and this term we will use this to link with division facts using arrays and sharing circles.

    Year 2, especially 2J, would really appreciate any volunteers to support with reading at any time during the week. Please let Mr Judge know if you are available to help.

    Please make sure children are sent into school with correct uniform and appropriate clothing for this cold weather period.

    Thank you for the feedback regarding the proposed change of the homework format. After much discussion and mixed feedback we have decided to keep the homework structure the same but an idea of a project linked to the topic was a popular idea so will be considered in future terms.  ​

    Terms 2 and 3

    Term 2 has made a chilling start with the introduction of our new topic ‘Frozen Lands’, which will continue into Term 3. We will be learning about both the Arctic and the Antarctic and the animals that live there; their habitats and how they survive in these cold climates. For a history focus, the children will learn about the explorer Shackleton and his expedition to the Antarctic. Our English for Term 2 will focus around the story ‘The Night Iceberg’; a story about a girl called Tofta who doesn’t want to share her iceberg! For Maths, we will continue to look at key concepts of addition and subtraction and how to use resources to support learning. The children will learn important facts about both 2D and 3D shapes, continue to learn about the different value of coins and introduce time on a clock to the nearest 15 minutes. We will also be introducing multiplication and division facts of twos, fives, and tens. Thank you to all parent helpers who have come in to listen to children read, we really appreciate the support. If this is something that you would like to be involved with please speak to your class teacher.
    Key dates for Term 2:
    Parent consultations:     
        Tuesday 6th November
        Thursday 8th November
    Year 2 trip to Wingham Wildlife Park:
        2H –Tuesday 13th November
        2W- Wednesday 14th November
        2J – Thursday 15th November
    KS1 Nativity:
        Monday 3rd December
         Tuesday 4th December

    Term 1

    We have had a fantastic start to the school Year.  Our topic this term has been Weird and Wonderful Weather. Our writing has been based on the story “The Storm Whale” by Benji Davies. The pupils have learnt the story using story maps and then innovated the characters and settings to create their own versions. The classes focused on using interesting adjectives to bring their stories to life.

      In science we have looked at the properties of different materials, using this knowledge to help us investigate which materials were waterproof. The children then created some amazing kites that were based on very imaginative and unique designs which could be flown outside. The children had lots of fun testing the kites out on the playground.

    For maths we started the term looking at place value of two digit numbers. We then progressed to using money and adding amounts using a number line alongside mental strategies. The pupils enjoyed creating shops and selling different items in the classroom.

    Homework will be sent out each Friday and is due in by the following Wednesday. There will usually be a piece of maths work and for writing we ask that the children write a sentence using each of their five spellings from the week.

    The Year 2 team are also looking for adults to come and listen to the children read. If this is something you may be able to help with please speak to your class teacher. Even half an hour could make a big difference.