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Paddock Wood Primary School

Paddock Wood Primary School

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    Year 2 Studies

    For Key Stage 1 Curriculum Framework please click here.

    Terms 4 and 5
    Over the next few terms our topic is ‘Out of the Egg’. At the beginning of the term we came into our classrooms which had drool all over the desks, scratch marks across our displays, burnt books and a trail of clues. Following the clues we found a golden egg. We wondered what had left it behind and were desperate to see the creature that would emerge once it had hatched. We produced letters and newspaper reports to explain what had happened. Eventually our eggs hatched and each classroom had their own …. dragon! Our topic work is now going to be based on a series of books by M.P. Robertson starting with ‘The Egg’. 
    In maths we are continuing to look at the different methods for +, -, x and ÷. We have given an example of each of these methods in their homework to support you at home too. 

    Terms 2 and 3

    Our focus for terms 2 and 3 will be London. The text for the first part of term 2 has been ‘Katie in London’ by James Mayhew. The classes have thoroughly enjoyed learning the story and this has led them to want to find out more about the landmarks the children in the book visited. The writing produced has been both fictional and non-fictional.

    As Christmas approaches we shall be looking at poetry that is connected with the season and gives an understanding of how Christmas in London has changed over the years.

    The focus for term 3 will be London transport beginning with horse drawn vehicles and moving onto the forms of transport in the city today.

    In maths we began by looking at coins and how they could be arranged to make particular amounts. This led into column addition and subtraction work. Problems involving money were also introduced.

    The focus for the next part of the term will be halves and quarters. This will feature both fractions of shapes and amounts. Later in the term this will move onto time, using the understanding of halves and quarters developed earlier in the term.

    Our science work this term has featured materials. Children have been asked to sort them by type and are now learning how the properties of the materials can be used to the best effect in the real world. During the term the children will also be making boats using different types of material and improving their designs after their experiments.

    The children will also be making other types of vehicles and testing them on various surfaces to see the impact that can have on the distance travelled and the speed of the vehicle.

    Term One

    Our focus this term has been on weather, particularly looking at storms. The text being used as the stimulus for our topic work is the story ‘The Storm Whale` by Benji Davies. The classes have been thoroughly engaged in the text and have enjoyed using drama and Pie Corbett techniques to imagine and describe the emotions of characters and even creating our own new ones.

    As the term continues we will carry on exploring non-fiction texts about weird and wonderful weather. We will look at seasonal and daily weather patterns in the United Kingdom, learn what the 4 countries are and think about the different weather we get across the UK.  

    In science we will be exploring living things and their habitats. The children will sort items into three categories: living, no longer alive and have never been alive. We will visit the different environment areas in school and also the pond to see the living things that can be discovered.