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Paddock Wood Primary School

Paddock Wood Primary School

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    Year 2 Studies

    For Key Stage 1 Curriculum Framework please click here.

    Term 6

    Our topic this term is ‘Castles’ and all 3 classes will be off on their trip to the beautiful Bodiam Castle over the next 3 weeks.  This will inspire the children to create their own medieval banquet by researching what would happen. They will produce posters and invitations, persuading people to come, and they will plan and prepare the food themselves. We will create opportunities to learn about instruments used in medieval music and plan a medieval dance to perform to the other classes. They will learn about the uses of castles in medieval times and the role of the monarchy. 

    Science will consist of planning and carrying out experiments to improve our investigative skills: predicting, observing, describing and explaining. We will make slime balls, create liquid colour patterns using milk and work out the science behind it.

    Maths will continue to build on our previous learning by securing skills in multiplication and division, being able to recite 2, 3, 5, and 10 x tables. The children will have opportunities to count, add and find equivalent fractions. They will improve their calculation skills so they become more familiar with crossing the hundreds boundary while also counting in sequences. Year 2 will also be using practical equipment to measure volume, mass, temperature and tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes. 

    Term 5

    It’s good to be back after a lovely long Easter break. We trust you are all feeling refreshed for another productive and busy term. ‘Into the Woods’ will continue to be our topic title and we will draw inspiration from the woodland in our local environment. Year 2 will write stories about the natural world, focussing on descriptive writing, use of adjectives and expanded noun phrases. Our focus book will be an alternative version of The Three Little Pigs, taking the story from the Wolf’s perspective. We will improve our character descriptions, use of different word classes and conjunctions to enhance our sentences.

    We will be making collages and draw sketches of natural materials that you have kindly brought in for us, also looking at the artist Andy Goldsworthy and his natural sculptures. Finally we will create our own natural clay sculpture.

    In science we will learn about plants and their seeds by making our own cress heads and observing the plant life cycle recapping last terms work on animal life cycles.

    In maths we will revisit the Singapore bar method and use this to find the inverse of number sentences to work out missing number problems. Year 2 will improve their multiplication and division skills and find fractions of numbers. Then we will move on with addition and subtraction by crossing 10s numbers such as 26 + 18 or 34 – 27 and moving onto 100s numbers. 

    Term 4 - 'Into the Woods'

    As part of the children's topic this term, they enjoyed listening to 'The Gruffalo' in three languages, English, French and German.

    Term 4

    We hope the children enjoyed listening to our Antarctic guest at the end of last term. I think lots of them like the sound of becoming an explorer now.

    Our topic for the next 2 terms is ‘Into the Woods’. We will start by using Julia Donaldson as a focus author reading ‘Room on the Broom’, ‘The Gruffalo’ and a number of her other books. We will use these texts to improve our descriptive writing, use of different sentence types and knowledge about woodland animals. After that we will move onto learning the story of the three little pigs from the wolf’s side of the story.

    During science sessions we will explore animals and their habitats and understand food chains using woodland animals. We may even look for different habitats and microhabitats in the school grounds.

    In maths we will introduce the Singapore bar method to help children solve number and word problems. It will also help them find missing numbers in number sentences too. We will continue to revisit the four operations. 

    Term 3

    Welcome back after a lovely Christmas break. This term we will continue our frozen lands topic focussing on the Antarctic region. We will look at famous explorers such as Ernest Shackleton and Robert Scott, creating timelines and diary entries of their amazing adventures. We will also look at non-fiction texts on the life cycle of penguins and create our own fact books about Antarctic life. We will learn the story ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers with a view to creating our own Antarctic adventure stories.  We will also focus on local artists from Chatham, drawing boats and then designing and making moving parts on a picture. One of many investigations this term will involve looking at the properties of materials in order to build boats.

    Maths will focus on using and reading scales to show length, capacity and weight, multiplication and division, finding parts of a whole using different fractions and finding equivalent fractions. 

    Term 2

    This term is the first part of our topic ‘Frozen Lands`. To start the topic the children went on a journey through the Arctic using compass directions and answering clues to find the next part of the adventure.

    Our writing is being based on ‘Immi` by Karen Littlewood. The children will be exploring the story through a range of drama activities and then be adapting the story using different skills, including description.

    As part of the topic they will be creating their own versions of the Northern Lights using various materials and techniques. They will be designing and building their own instruments to play along with winter songs and investigating which materials would be suitable to make a boat.

    In maths the children will use different methods to add and subtract numbers within 1000. They will then move onto multiplication using arrays to understand that multiplication is counting in groups of the same number. It would be a great help if the children practised the 2, 5 and 10 times tables at home.

    In the build up to Christmas we will be learning the Christmas songs for our Christmas production and learning about religious festivals. 

    Term 1

    We have started the year off with our topic ‘Weird and Wonderful Weather’. The children have loved acting out the story of ‘The Storm Whale’ by Benji Davis. The children have innovated the story themselves too by changing parts of the original to make their own version of the storm whale. They will continue the term by performing various weather poems, studying rhyme, rhythm and using powerful adjectives to really improve their writing.

    All the classes have been especially excited about our design technology, science and topic sessions as the children have been designing and making our own kites, tornadoes and rain gauges. We have already tested different materials to find out what would be the best to make our kites from and created a design brief to really think about what we want our kite to be like.

    Our topic really took off when we had a visitor from the BBC weather team, Sarah Keith-Lucas. The children were so excited to ask a real weather reporter about how our weather is created. They were so inspired by Sarah that we decided to report on the UK weather ourselves, creating maps of the UK using compass directions and making videos of our own weather reports.