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Paddock Wood Primary School

Paddock Wood Primary School

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    Year 1 Studies

    For Key Stage 1 Curriculum Framework please click here.

    Term 4 - March 2018

    This term sees the start of our spring-time topic, Out of the Egg, which we will explore throughout terms 4 and 5.

    We will be learning and innovating the story of The Ugly Duckling in literacy using the Pie Corbett method as in previous terms. We will also be doing some non-fiction writing on animals. Our focus continues to be on constructing sentences correctly with full stops and capital letters, as well as challenging more confident writers to extend and improve their sentences.

    Spellings for this term will be the number words up to ten. Please help your child to use these words both independently and in sentences, and continue to learn any outstanding spellings from previous terms.













    In maths we will be learning about:

    • problem solving (addition and subtraction mainly)
    • numbers to 100 ( using 100 square)
    • adding and subtracting 1 and 10 from a given number
    • grouping and sharing
    • capacity
    • data handling

    We will be encouraging the children to start working more independently in maths this term, and will be looking to consolidate existing skills while applying them to various problems, including word problems.

    Children are still learning Big Maths facts. They should have quick recall of number bonds to 20 by the end of the year. Please see the class teacher if you are not sure which facts your child should be learning as there are lots of different sets within each classroom!

    Our science studies will mainly be focused on animals. We will be learning to classify and sort animals according to different characteristics and we will be looking at the lifecycles of egg-laying animals. We will also study different habitats and learn about how animals adapt in order to live there.

    As the weather continues to improve, we will observe the seasonal changes from winter to spring, and we will create art inspired by the new growth we see around us.

    Thank you very much for your continued support.

    Year One Team

    Term 3 - January 2018

    Welcome back! It has been lovely to see all of the children come back to school with great enthusiasm and energy to get started with the new term. We enjoyed hearing all of the children’s news from the holidays.

    This term we are continuing with our transport topic of ‘Riding, Racing, Rolling’. We received a letter from Mrs Armitage to say that she had a new story to share with us called ‘Mrs Armitage Queen of the Road’. The children enjoyed listening to the story and we will be moving on from our bike focus to learn about cars. The children have started thinking, talking and writing about what they already know about cars and we have been impressed by their knowledge! In a few weeks we will be checking how much more they have learnt.

    In literacy the children will be writing captions about cars and we will have a big focus on writing complete sentences with full stops in the correct place. In the last few weeks of term we will be teaching the children the story of ‘How the Tortoise got his Shell’’ using the Pie Corbett story telling method. We will follow this up with hot-seating the characters, freeze frames of different parts of the story and innovating the story to write their own version.

    The children will be learning a new set of spellings this term. We please ask that the children continue to learn the previous spellings which they haven’t yet spelt correctly in the tests as well. We are encouraging the children to use cursive letters in their writing now. We are teaching the children to join up some letter patterns, however we don’t want them to join up every word at the moment.





















    In maths we will be learning about:

    ·         inverse

    ·         missing number problems

    ·         place value (partitioning numbers into tens and ones) and ordering larger numbers

    ·         adding using 1 digit and 2 digit numbers

    ·         finding the difference

    ·         money (paying for items and giving change)

    ·         sorting


    Throughout the term, the children will be using what they have learnt to solve problems.  Children should be continuing to practise their Big Maths facts at home.

    Our science this term will be about seasonal changes in winter - looking at the changes in weather, trees and daylight and the hibernation of animals. This will link to our geography learning about hot and cold places. The children will be observing and describing the differences in various climates and landscapes around the world. We will be continuing our materials topic and will learn about the materials that are used to make different parts of a car.

    Within our topic we will also be learning about the history of cars and about famous people related to transport.  In art and DT we will be doing close observational drawings of a car (old and new) and making sliders of a car going along a road. In PSHE we will be learning about safety relating to travelling.

    Thank you very much for your continued support.

    Year One Team

    Term 2 - November 2017

    Our topic for the next two terms is Racing Riding Rolling. We will be writing riddles to start us off – I have wheels. What am I?  

    Following this our work will primarily be about bicycles. We will be focussing on the story of ‘Mrs Armitage on Wheels’ by Quentin Blake. The children will learn this story, draw a story map, write a character description, write and innovate the story by saying what they would like to put on their own bikes. Before the Christmas season kicks in we will also be writing some transport poetry. Through all this we will be continuing to develop the children’s sentence writing skills, use of punctuation and developing their cursive handwriting.

    Also we will be continuing to learn a new set of spellings and learning about syllables and compound words.















     In maths we will be learning about:

    ·         Positional language

    ·         Ordinal numbers

    ·         Addition

    ·         Subtraction

    ·         Partitioning 2-digit numbers

    ·         Problem solving

    Please support your child at home in learning their Big Maths calculations and practise every day so they know them without working them out. Some children will be moving to the next set of facts which will be a 45 second test in school. As before, don’t allow your child to be stressed by the timing initially.

     Within our topic this term we will also be learning about the history of bikes. In art we will be doing close observational drawings of a bicycle and making some of our own pictures in the style of Kandinsky. In PSHE we will be learning about bike safety and keeping fit.

    In science this term we are learning about materials and we will be carrying out an exciting investigation into the best material to use as a shelter for Mrs Armitage’s bike.

    It is going to be a busy term!

    Term 1 - September 2017

    Since the beginning of term we have been pleased to see that the children have settled in well and are adjusting to their new routines and surroundings.

    Our first topic of the year is ‘My World’. The children have learnt all about their bodies and how people change as they grow up, and have produced some beautiful portraits using paints and pencils. We have learned about all five senses. We have taught the children how to mix colours and do some Picasso inspired art using this skill. Before half term we will think about the weather, the changing seasons and how we can eat healthily.

    In maths we will be

    ·         counting objects accurately

    ·         ordering numbers

    ·         partitioning numbers to 10

    ·         learning to use a number line to add

    ·         naming and describing 2D shapes

    ·         recognising coins and using smaller coins (1p,2p,5p,10p) to make different amounts

    ·         measuring

    ·         subtracting by counting back.

    Please support your child at home learning their Big Maths calculations and practise every day if you can (this is part of homework and will be explained at the Meet the Teacher meeting).

    In English we have been focussing on nursery rhymes and poems. We looked at rhyming words, the children enjoyed hearing different versions of Humpty Dumpty and thought up new rhymes.  They learnt a poem called ‘I am me’ and even wrote their own ‘I am me’ poems. Next we will be learning the story of The Enormous Turnip which will form the basis of our English work for the remainder of the term. The children will make up actions to go with the story and draw their own story maps to help them remember and retell the story, so that they can eventually rewrite and innovate the story by themselves.

    The children will have special lined handwriting books. Teaching of cursive letters will be consolidated along with handwriting patterns. The children are also learning some common words which they are required to know by the end of the year. They are learning about adding s or es to plurals and also adding ing, ed  to verbs.

    We will soon start to learn about our local area and the key buildings in Paddock Wood, so please encourage your child have a look when you are out and about.

    Thank you

    Homework in Year 1

    These may be needed to help you complete homework during the year – pencil, colouring pencils, scissors and a glue stick.

    Reading – Everyday

    Your child needs to have read 10 days in a row (this includes Saturday and Sunday) to get a bronze award. Then 10 more consecutive reads to get a silver, then a gold award and then a raffle ticket to enter a draw to win a prize. Please sign every time they read to enable them to achieve their award. Remind them to ask for their award after 10 reads.

    This should mainly be their reading book but can also be a library book, signs or their own book. As books get longer they may need to keep a book for more than 1 day and children benefit from reading the same book more than once.

    Remember the book we send home will be achievable and to be read for encouragement and to boost confidence. The children may also bring home a story book from the classroom for you to share with them.

    Please remember to talk about the book. Below are some ideas for questions you might ask when they are reading or you are reading a story to them

    What happened? Who was the main character? Describe them. Where was it set? What might happen next? What might have happened if……. (the woodcutter in Red Riding Hood hadn’t come past!)? Do you like the story?


    Each week we will focus on 2 or 3 common spellings and then they will be tested. You can help your child with these at home.

    Our spellings for this term are:















    Maths –this can sometimes be done as you walk to school 

    Big Maths - Children need these facts at their fingertips and not by using their fingers to make rapid progress. We will be testing the children weekly. They will get 30 seconds to complete this. When they get all correct in the time they will receive more facts to learn! You may find it best not to time them initially. When they get the new facts they get 45 seconds initially and after they have got all correct 3 times the time goes down to 30 seconds.











    Practise correct number formation

    Games – dice, track, grids, cards, pairs

    Using real money ( 1p, 2p, 10p initially)

    Clock games (o’clock and half past)

    Counting – forwards and backwards to 100

    Write number words - one ….

    Also problem solving – 1 more, 1 less, 1 hour later, 2p more

    If I have 10 children but only 6 apples, how many more do I need? (use objects to help you if needed)

    Total up 3 cars and 4 cars.

    2 o’clock to 5 o’clock. How long?


    The children will have a homework book. We expect work to be of a high standard and for it to be the best your child can do. Please do not allow children to decorate these books.

    If you have difficulty getting your child to do their homework, please speak to the class teacher who will support you with this.

    And finally … if you have any other issues please see your class teacher.

    Thank you

    Year 1 Team