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    Foundation Stage Studies

    For Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum Framework please click here.

    Term 6

    Week beginning 02/07/18

    What a busy and exciting week! With sports day and transition morning we have had lots going on but still found time to learn some interesting facts about bees! We looked at the names and roles of the different bees within a hive and also learnt about bee keeping and some of the tools and equipment used to look after them. The children particularly enjoyed the ‘waggle dance’ that the bees do and had fun running in circles pretending to find and collect nectar! This information came from a particularly wonderful book called ‘The Beeman’ and we also looked at the lifecycle of bees.

    We must take this opportunity to once again say how proud we were with the children on sports day, they all did a fantastic job and had worked hard to learn how to stay in their lanes and how to do a relay. Thanks to all those parents who were able to come and watch and well done to those parents and toddlers who also took part in the fun!

    Transition day was a great success and you should all now know who your child’s teacher for next year will be. All of the children came back ‘buzzing’ with excitement for next year. We will be extremely sad to see them leave us but they have grown and progressed so much that they are certainly ready for this next step.

    In maths we have revised subtraction and the different methods used to help with this, including the use of objects, number lines and counting back in our heads.

      As the weather has still been hot, we have continued lots of water play this week and the children used the drain pipes to create their own water park, complete with changing rooms, toilets and beads used for inflatables for the miniature people. They also worked together to set up their own den and campfires.

    It is our school trip next week so a reminder of the dates:

    Ladybirds – Tuesday 10th July

    Caterpillars – Wednesday 11th July

    Bees – Thursday 12th July

    The mini buses will leave as soon as the children are in and registered and will return before the end of the normal school day. Please ensure all children have hats, enough water and suitable old clothing and footwear for the forest. They will not need to carry their bags with them so don’t worry about the weight…the more fluids the better in this heat!

    Many thanks and enjoy the weekend!

    Week beginning 25/06/18

    Our mini-beast of choice this week was…the ladybird! We learnt lots of interesting facts about them and this once again provided many writing opportunities and a fresh wave of fact book making!

    In literacy we looked at ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ and discussed rhyming words. We also played lots of rhyming games and some children even had a go at writing their own poems. The story also inspired some music lessons this week and we got out all of the different instruments and discussed and compared the different sounds they made and if they sounded like any of the animals in the story.

    In maths we have done some problem solving activities, getting the children to really think about what they need to do to solve a problem. For example, we asked how much food the hungry caterpillar ate before he felt sick and they worked in groups to add all of the food together and to show their workings clearly. We also looked at missing number problems, such as 3 + ___ = 7 and finally we began to look at some word problems.

      As the weather has been so hot this week, we took the opportunity to really enjoy water play and the children had a great time using all of the drainpipes, tubes and funnels that we have. They investigated the flow of water using the Poddeley resources and they also set up their own car wash for the bikes, complete with signs, cash register and even buckets of flowers to sell out the front.

    Thank you for all of the volunteers for our end of year trip, each class now has enough.

    Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

    Week beginning 18/06/18

      This week we have learnt about caterpillars and butterflies! We were lucky enough to find some in our outside area and we looked at the life cycle and how to use pictures and arrows to make our own. We also learnt some interesting facts about them and enjoyed presenting these in our own individual ways.

    In literacy we looked at ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ and added actions to it to help us remember. We also drew story maps and then changed parts of the story to make it different. For example, the caterpillar could be a person and the food that is eaten could change too. The children enjoyed using their imaginations for this and then thinking about what their character might turn into at the end of the story!

    We have begun to add in a few extra PE sessions so that the children get extra practise for sports day, which is July 4th at 9.15am. It will take place on the school field and will last approximately 45 minutes. Letters have also gone out for our school trip and thank you to those parents who have already offered to help. We have a certain number of adult spaces available in the minibuses so unfortunately can’t offer everyone a space.

     Our maths learning this week has been about pattern and symmetry as this linked well to our topic. The children have made repeating pattern caterpillars using repeated colours and then looked at repeating patterns using objects from around the classroom and also actions. We re-capped symmetry and looked at butterflies in particular.


    Enjoy your weekend!


    Week beginning 15/06/18

    We have continued to learn about different minibeasts this week and have focussed on worms, snails and slugs. We have watched some videos and looked at some non-fiction books to discover interesting facts about each one. The children then wrote these down, thinking carefully about their letter formation, spelling and sentence structure.

      In the outside area the children have continued to enjoy hunting for minibeasts and recording their findings using labelled pictures and tally charts. Each class has also adopted some minibeasts of their own! Bee class have found a couple of slugs and have enjoyed investigating what they like to eat. Caterpillar class made a wormery and Ladybird class found a snail and made it some ‘snail soup’ using lettuce leaves mixed with water. There are also lots of books available linked to minibeasts and we have enjoyed reading ‘Superworm’ ‘Snail Boy’ and ‘The Snail and the Whale’.

    In maths this week we initially practised estimating. The children are getting really good at estimating the number of objects and have begun to discuss how close their estimate was by ‘finding the difference’ on a number line. We then looked at missing number sequences and finally we recapped place value, ensuring that the children know the ‘1’ in the number 12 for example, actually means 10.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Week beginning 04/06/18

    We cannot believe that it is the final term! The year has whizzed by and so much learning has happened. Once again, we must mention just how proud we are of the children and how much progress they have made.

     Our final topic this year is ‘minibeasts’. We began by asking the children what they already knew and they could name lots of different minibeasts (as well as some that were not, such as a lobster!) This has given us a starting point around which to base the rest of the term’s learning. Each class then went on an exciting minibeast hunt, lifting up logs and looking behind plant pots to see what they could discover.  We particularly found lots of spiders, ants and worms so we spent the rest of the week focussing on these. The children have enjoyed painting and making models of these minibeasts, drawing and writing facts about them and exploring them further in our new role play areas. We are now looking forward to looking more closely at some of the other creatures we found and feel that this topic will be full of fun, facts and creativity and are pleased that it has really peaked the children’s interests.

    In maths this week we have looked at data handling and how to record information using different types of chart. First we had an open discussion about how best to record what the children had for breakfast and decided that writing lots of sentences took too long and even when we just drew pictures it was quite confusing! We then introduced the idea of a pictogram and the children split into groups and worked together to make their own. We also looked at tally charts and used them to record the number of minibeasts found in the outside area.

    Term 5

    Week beginning 21/05/18

    A number of exciting things happened this week but I think all of the children would agree that finding our missing animals, which had been stolen by the Joker, was the highlight of the week! On Thursday each class received a mystery photograph of their animal stuck up in a tree and the message ‘Come and get me!’ We went on a hunt around the school, looking in every tree until we finally found them. We then had an excellent discussion about how to get them down, including the use of ladders and a crane!

    In literacy this week the children have been using their imagination to create stories. This was a request at the start of the week from our class animals, who said they were safe with the Joker but bored and needed something to read. We discussed the structure of a story; that it needs a beginning to introduce it, a middle where an event happens, and an ending.

     On Thursday each class thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the fire station in Paddock Wood. They all got to see what a fire fighter wears, sit in the fire engine and have a go with the hose! They learnt a lot and we linked this to our superhero topic by comparing the fire fighters to superheroes, who risk their lives to save others.

    In maths we have done various different tasks related to the ‘shape, space and measure’ area of learning which we have to cover. We have done some estimating, positional language games, size and weight comparisons and we have also looked at clocks.


    We hope that you all have a safe and enjoyable half term break and look forward to seeing you on Monday 4th June.

    Week beginning 14/05/18

     The children have loved Supertato so much that we have continued to plan some of our learning this week around him! We have read some more stories about Supertato and they have continued to make their own super veggies, go on evil pea hunts and create traps to catch him.

    In literacy we have looked more closely at comic books and their features this week. We explained that they are stories told using pictures and that they have speech bubbles, onomatopoeia and captions. The children used their imaginations to create their own comic strips about all sorts of weird and wonderful superheroes ‘saving the world’ from a whole range of interesting threats, including a giant squid and a naughty hoover!

      The joker’s challenge this week was linked to our celebration of the Royal wedding. He challenged us to find out why Saturday was an important day. We then had an extremely fun time preparing multiple weddings and pretending to get married! We talked about all of the different aspects of Harry and Meghan’s wedding including the church service, what everyone might wear and what the reception might include. The children then made decorations and outfits, prepared wedding cakes and meals and we even transformed two scooters into a wedding car!

    In maths we have learnt about subtraction again and discussed the different things we can use to help us, including  practical objects and a number line. The children have also started to record and solve some of their own number problems, which is great to see.

    Date for the diary:

    We would like to invite parents to come in to classrooms at 2.50pm on Friday 25th May. This is an opportunity to see some of the work we have up on the walls and to have another look at their work books before we begin our new topic after the half term break.

    Week beginning 07/05/18

     Not only were we set a new challenge by the joker this week but we also had another super villain invade our classrooms…the evil pea! He has been causing mischief around the Foundation Stage block by trapping fruit and vegetables under shopping baskets and sticking them up on the walls. He even hung one from the ceiling in ladybird classroom! We felt it necessary to take matters into our own hands and rescued these poor individuals and decided to set some more traps to catch this evil pea. We also went hunting around the outside area in search of evil peas and when we found any we marked them on our carefully drawn maps to warn others of the danger.

     We soon discovered that the evil pea was a character from the story ‘Supertato’, which we read and discussed in our  classes. This inspired many writing activities, including mini books and labelled drawings of Supertato and the evil pea. We have also learnt how to use speech bubbles and had fun thinking of all the things the characters might say. We used real fruit and veg to create our own super veggies and then made up our own versions of ‘Supertato’.

     The Joker’s challenge this week was to prove that we knew our number bonds to 10. We then challenged ourselves to see if we could find all of the number bonds to twenty as well. To show our knowledge, we used Numicon, did some target practise and then took photos and videos as well as writing them down.

    In maths we have continued learning about addition and the different ways to solve problems. In particular we focussed on using a number line as this was an area that we noticed needed more work.

    Thank you to all those parents who have already volunteered to help with the class trips to Paddock Wood Fire Station. We have enough volunteers to escort Ladybird Class but still need some helpers for the other classes please.

    Date for the diary:

    We would like to invite parents to come in to classrooms at 2.50pm on Friday 25th May. This is an opportunity to see some of the work we have up on the walls and to have another look at the work in books before we begin our new topic after the half term break.

    Many thanks.

    Week beginning 30/04/18

    The children have had fun this week writing their own ideas for ‘We’re Going on a Joker Hunt’. We travelled through a whole number of unusual and sometimes disgusting things to finally reach him in his secret hideout! We spoke about using exciting words to describe the obstacle and also the sounds we might make as we went through it. For example:

     Uh Oh! Worms!

    Slimy, squidgy worms.

    We can’t go over it,

    We can’t go under it,

    We have to go through it!

    Squidge squodge!

    Squidge Squodge!

    Squidge Squodge!

    We performed and videoed our ‘Joker Hunt’ and sent it to the Joker for him to watch.

     We also started to look at comic books this week and will return to comic strips in more detail the week after next. We began by discussing the use of onomatopoeia and learnt that comic books influenced an artist called Lichtenstein. We looked at some of his artwork and this inspired us to create some of our own, making dotty images using cotton buds.

     In maths we have learnt about money again and looked at the different coins. We extended children’s learning by asking them to use a combination of coins to buy not one but two items at a time. This also helped them to practise the different methods they can use to solve addition problems.

     Date for the diary:

    Wednesday 23rd May – trip to Paddock Wood Fire Station.

    Ladybirds- 9.00 - 10.25

    Caterpillars – 9.55 – 11.20

    Bees – 10.45- 12.10

    Any parent helpers would be very welcome, thank you.

    Enjoy the bank holiday weekend and see you back at school on Tuesday!

    Week beginning 23/04/18

      ‘The joker’ set us a new challenge this week – to plant some seeds and grow some plants for his garden. He gave us some seeds, plant pots and compost so we filled our pots, put our seeds in the middle and then discussed how they needed water and sunlight to survive.

    This inspired some more writing during our activity time and the children have written instructions on how to grow their plants and have also written their own letters to the joker, asking him to return our class pets. We have also continued to make superhero dens and traps and junk modelled superhero gadgets.

    In literacy, we read the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ and changed it to ‘We’re Going on a Joker Hunt’! We created a story map and added actions and next week we will use our imagination to change the story and make it our own.

    Our maths learning this week has been about halving. We have cut fruit, paper and various other objects in half, ensuring that the children understood that when something is cut in half we end up with two equal sized pieces. We then progressed to halving groups of objects by sharing the objects out equally into two separate groups.

    Have a wonderful weekend, despite the miserable weather forecast!

    Week beginning 16/04/18

    We hope that you all had an enjoyable two weeks off school and that the children were looking forward to coming back.

     We have started our new topic of ‘Superheroes’ this week and the children have all been very excited about it. It began when we received a letter from ‘The Joker’ who wrote to us saying that our class pets had been taken and in order to get them back we have to complete some challenges that will appear at random times throughout the term. This led to lots of discussion about what we could do to get them back and how we could make some traps to try and catch The Joker. We raided the outside sheds and found lots of things that we could use to trip him up or trap him in! We even had a go at making some slime to drop!

     Challenge 1 appeared a couple of days later and The Joker challenged us to make him laugh. We had lots of fun drawing silly pictures, telling jokes and making up funny songs and dance moves to try and entertain him. We used the IPads to take photos and videos to email to him and luckily he was impressed with our efforts. We now eagerly await challenge number 2!

    In maths we have focussed on doubling and have used the Numicon, a ‘doubling machine’ and ladybird spots to investigate this.

    We are very pleased that the weather has improved and please ask you to send children to school with their water bottles and sun hats each day. They may also bring sun cream if you wish but must apply this themselves with only our supervision.

    We wish you all a glorious weekend in the sun!

    Term 4

    Week beginning 26/03/18

    This week has been a mixture of learning about Easter and also finishing off our pirate topic!

     Pirate day was a great success and the children had so much fun! It began with a letter from ‘pirate Pete’ saying how impressed he was with all of our learning and that he had set up a new treasure hunt for us as a reward! We donned our rain coats and wellies and followed the clues around the school to find the treasure. Inside the chest we found biscuits, icing sugar and food colouring with a note from Pete saying that after trying real ship biscuits they deserved to make some more modern ones to enjoy. We had fun using a special ‘pirate code’ to work out our own pirate names and enjoyed singing along to some pirate songs. In the afternoon, we had a special visit from a real parrot and the children asked many interesting questions to find out more about Mikey as they watched him fly around the room and perch on the teacher’s shoulders! Finally, we spent the rest of the afternoon playing pirate themed games, including ‘pin the wooden leg on the pirate’ and ‘shoot the cannon balls at the target’. A fantastic day was had by all and thank you for making the effort with their costumes; they looked amazing.

    In maths this week we focussed on money and using a variety of coins to buy things from the pirate shop. The children are getting really good at thinking about different combinations of coins they could use.

    We hope that everyone has a wonderful Easter holiday and look forward to seeing you all in two weeks’ time!

    Week beginning 19/03/18

     Sadly we are coming to the end of our pirate topic but we are so pleased with how much the children have learnt. They have enjoyed making their own fact books this week to share all of the knowledge they have learnt. We also looked at some pirate poetry and discussed rhyming words and what an acrostic poem is. Some of the children then chose to make up their own.

    This week the children were surprised to learn that despite the cold temperatures it is now officially spring! We have begun to discuss that spring brings new growth and life into the world and the children have enjoyed some springtime craft activities.

    We also told the children the Easter story this week and discussed story sequencing. We talked about how the Easter story has influenced some of the ways we celebrate Easter today.

    In maths we have looked at weights and measures. We started by using the balance scales to weigh and compare objects, recapping our learning from earlier this year. We also looked at capacity and the children found it very interesting that just because a container was the tallest, didn’t mean it would hold the most water! Lots of fun was had in the outside area, investigating how much water the different containers would hold and recording this in their own way.

    Sport Relief was a great success on Friday and each class had a turn doing the different activities arranged by Year 6 on Friday afternoon. Sport Relief also gave us the opportunity to discuss the need to help others, both in the UK and abroad. We had some very interesting discussions about life in different countries and how it varies with our own. Thank you for all of your contributions and support.

    Dates to remember:

    Wednesday 28th March – Pirate Day (children can come dressed as a pirate)

    Thursday 29th March – last day of term

    Enjoy the weekend!

    Week beginning 12/03/18

     We began this week by looking at life aboard a pirate ship! We discussed the different roles the pirates had and looked at their living conditions. We learnt that pirates mostly ate hard biscuits and salted meat so in groups we made our own ‘pirate biscuits’ using flour, water and a tiny bit of salt. We expected them to taste awful but actually most of the children thought they were quite tasty and were a bit like bread. However, we decided that if that was all we ever had to eat, it would get very boring!

    To follow-up this activity, the children wrote their own biscuit making instructions, numbering each step and thinking about writing in full sentences. We also talked about ‘the pirate code’ and how it was important for the pirates to follow rules. The children then had a go at writing their own pirate rules.

     We also investigated floating and sinking this week and the children had to predict whether an object would float or sink and then we tested it to find out. They were quite surprised by some of our findings and began to understand that the size of an object didn’t matter.

    In maths we have learnt about subtraction and had a great time pretending to be pirates eaten by crocodiles and pirates made to walk the plank! We then progressed to subtracting using a number line (by jumping back the correct number of places) and some of us have started to record our subtraction number sentences using the correct symbols.

    Dates to remember:

    Friday 23rd March – Sport Relief (children can come dressed in sports clothing or something red) 50p donation

    Wednesday 28th March – Pirate Day (children can come dressed as a pirate)

    Thursday 29th March – last day of term

    Week beginning 05/03/18

    We hope that everyone had lots of fun in the snow last week! We enjoyed hearing from the children about all of the exciting things they did.

    This week we have continued our learning about Peter Pan and have looked more closely at the different characters and how to describe them. We thought about what they looked like and how they acted and this gave us an opportunity to think about using some interesting describing words. When we spoke about Wendy, we liked that she read lots of stories to the Lost Boys and this inspired us to write some stories of our own! We had to think about a beginning, a middle and an ending.

     Our role play areas have been transformed into pirate ships and the children have had a great time dressing up as pirates and sailing the seas together! They have also used the construction materials outside to build their own pirate ships and have used the junk modelling materials to make props, including telescopes, eye patches and treasure chests.

    In maths we have recapped addition and how to record the number sentences accurately. The children should now be able to use a variety of different methods to help them to add numbers together, including the use of practical objects and a number line.

    On Friday, we enjoyed talking about and sharing our favourite stories when we celebrated World Book Day. We also loved having the Year 6 children come over to read with us. Well done for making such an effort with their outfits. A good day was had by all!


    Term 3

    Week beginning 20/02/18

     On our first day back, we spent some time discussing our holidays and the children were all really excited to share what they had been doing. We also learnt about Chinese New Year and the Chinese zodiac. The children enjoyed learning which animal year they were born in and how the New Year is celebrated in China. Some of the follow-up activities included making lanterns, preparing celebratory feasts and dragon dancing!

     On Wednesday we officially began our new topic about pirates! We planned an exciting start to the topic where the children had been left a scroll with a treasure map and  some instructions from ‘Pirate Pete’.  They followed the map around the school, past the ‘Cannon Ball Store’ and the ‘Captain’s Cabin’, through the ‘Forbidden Forest’ and eventually ended up at the ‘Harbour’ where they discovered a treasure chest waiting for them. Inside the chest there were some jewels and a pop-up version of Peter Pan. We have read and sequenced the story and next week will look more closely at  the different characters and the setting. The children were also inspired to make some of their own treasure maps and had fun counting and sorting the different jewels from the chest.

    In maths we have looked at counting in 2s and done lots of general number work, including counting backwards and ensuring that numbers are formed correctly.

     A reminder that it is Book Week next week and on Thursday 1st March the children are invited to come to school dressed as their favourite book character. They may also like to bring their favourite book with them and we can share some of these with the rest of the class.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Week beginning 05/02/18

    We have continued our learning about hospitals this week and have looked at hospital buildings and x rays. We learnt  all about our skeletons, including the names of some of our bones and what we can do to keep them strong and healthy. The children have enjoyed sharing their own experiences of hospitals with the rest of their class. Unfortunately, we had an ambulance scheduled to visit us this week but due to poor weather conditions they were unavailable.

    We have continued to practise the story of Humpty Dumpty and adapted it to make up our own versions. We also continued to ‘eggsperiment’ with how to protect an egg when it falls!

      In maths we have looked at symmetry in patterns and shapes. We began by placing a line of symmetry down the middle of each classroom and then the children had fun placing objects either side to make them symmetrical. We then repeated this process with the children themselves and they made funny shapes with their bodies and had to mirror each other! We also looked at symmetry in the world around us and used paint and natural objects to create our own symmetrical patterns and pictures.

    We have sadly come to the end of our ‘Emergency Services’ topic but are pleased that the children have enjoyed it so much and that it provided lots of amazing learning opportunities.

    After the half term holiday we begin a new topic…all about pirates! We will have a pirate themed day on Wednesday 28th March, where the children can come to school dressed as a pirate for the day.

    We hope that you all have a fantastic half term holiday. See you in a week’s time!

    Week beginning 29/1/18

     This week we have introduced the role of paramedics and other hospital workers. The outside area and our class role play areas have been transformed into hospitals and the children had a wonderful time making an ambulance outside, complete with First Aid box and a bed in the back. We have talked about the different reasons someone might go to hospital for, including breaking a bone and having a baby. This led to some interesting role play scenarios! We have looked at some of the different medical equipment used and some of the children have junk modelled or drawn it and challenged themselves to add a label about what it is used for. The children have also learnt how to fill in prescription forms and patient forms, describing what is wrong with someone and what they could do to help them.

    We have linked some of our learning to the nursery rhyme ‘Humpty Dumpty’ and some of the children had fun experimenting with different ways to stop their eggs from cracking on the ground. They also made their own story maps and books. The children have used brilliant detail and have been working on their labelling and sentences.

    In maths we have concentrated on problem solving involving sharing and also discussed time and the different ways to measure it, including clocks, calendars and sand timers. The children have been sharing food in our Wendy house outside, making sure that everyone had the same amount. They have used sand timers to time how quickly they can sort numbers, run around the track and even how many star jumps they can do in 30 seconds and recorded their findings.

    Thank you for taking the time with your child/children to complete the home learning task, we have been very impressed with the presentation and quality of their learning. They have evidently understood and retained their knowledge of addition!

    We hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

    Week beginning 22/1/18

     Although we have mainly focussed our learning on fire fighters this week, we were lucky enough to have some special visitors on Wednesday. Our local PCSO and one of the children’s dads, who is a police officer, came to tell us all about their work. They brought along lots of police equipment and uniform and the children all got the chance to try something on. Miss Mitchell even got put in handcuffs to demonstrate how they worked!

    The children have also enjoyed learning about fire fighters this week and have used  hoses, ladders and other tools to role play rescuing people and putting out fires. They have box modelled and painted fire engines and made some fire safety posters. We read the story of Jack and Jill (a loose link to fire-fighting as they fetch a pail of water!) The children learnt to say the rhyme and add actions and then drew pictures to story map it and some even chose to make their own mini books.

    In maths we have been learning to add two numbers together using various different resources, as mentioned in our home learning task this week. All children have learnt to say an addition number sentence (two add three equals five altogether) and some have started to record them in their own way or using the appropriate symbols.

    Next week we will finish our learning about the fire service and start to think about hospital workers and paramedics.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Week beginning 15/1/18

     We have continued our work on the police this week and have looked more closely at how they identify and convict the correct person. The children had a great time taking their own and each other’s fingerprints using pencils and sticky tape as well as stamp pads. We talked about how everyone’s fingerprint was different and that at a crime scene it was important that the police wore gloves so that their prints didn’t get mixed up with others.

     Following on from this discussion, the children investigated pretend crime scenes in the outside area. They had to wear protective aprons and gloves to avoid contaminating the scene and then used tweezers to collect clues and place them in sandwich bags, which they then labelled.

     In literacy we re-wrote the story of ‘Jack and the Robbers’ by using the children’s ideas to change the characters and places in the story. This inspired some of them to start to write their own story books and we have been impressed with the quality of their writing.

    In maths we have focussed on different ways of making ten and the children have used bean bags and Numicon to investigate and record all of the different number bonds to ten. Maybe they could tell you all of them!

    Finally, we introduced fire fighters and the things that they do. Our role play areas have been transformed from police stations into fire stations and the children have started to role play situations where the fire brigade is needed. We will continue to learn more about this next week.

    Week beginning 8/1/18

     This week we have learnt about the police and what they do. We looked at their uniforms and modes of transport, how to contact them and at the different ways in which they protect us. We hope that the children now know that they do more than ‘arrest bad guys and put them in a cage’ and we also hope that they no longer think that robbers only wear black and white stripy tops and carry around bags of gold!

    In literacy we have looked at the short story ‘Jack and the Robbers’ and the children have learnt the words and actions to it. Maybe they could recite it to you this weekend. They also had fun using puppets and toys to re-enact the story.

    Role play has played a big part in our learning this week and in the outside area we built a police station, complete with police cars and a prison cell. The children then took turns pretending to be police officers and robbers as well as exploring the role of police officers to control traffic when a flood or car accident happens.

      In maths we have continued to focus on numbers above ten and in particular we have learnt about how to estimate and then check to see how accurate the estimation was. We have also continued to explore how to measure different objects using cubes, rulers and tape measures.

    The children have enjoyed using the junk modelling resources to create their own police cars and equipment and as a result we are running low! We would be grateful of any junk modelling donations. For example, small cardboard boxes, egg boxes, bottle tops or plastic packaging.

    Many thanks and enjoy the weekend!

    Week beginning 4/1/18

    Happy New Year! We hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday and had a chance to relax before the start of a new term.  We are really pleased that the children have all come back to school happy and ready to learn.

     We started our new topic of ‘The Emergency Services’ by setting up a crime scene in our central area. We took away all of the boxed resources and left muddy footprints and several other clues for the children to investigate! We discussed what we could do to find the culprit and then they had fun measuring footprints of staff members to see if they matched the footprints left by the thief. We also had an eye-witness account and they used the description to make notes and draw wanted posters.

     We came to the conclusion that Miss Mitchell had in fact stolen our play things and when we questioned her she admitted to her crime and apologised, promising to return them to us immediately!

    We will spend the next couple of weeks learning about the police and what they do before moving on to the fire service.


    Have a restful weekend.

    Week beginning 11/12/17

    Glitter, sequins and reindeer headbands have been in abundance this week in Foundation Stage! We have finished reading ‘The Jolly Christmas Postman’ and continued to explore our Post Office role play areas. Some of the children have designed their own toys, made them and then used their own handmade wrapping paper to wrap them up. They then had to weigh the parcels to decide how much money they would cost to post.

     In the outside area we set up our own ‘Reindeer Training Academy’ complete with feeding station and reindeer wash! The children had a great time making headbands to  transform themselves and then they completed exercises to prepare them for the big event on Christmas Eve. These included weight lifting as the sleigh would be very heavy and learning to dodge chimney pots as they ran around the track.

    In maths we have focussed once again on numbers, especially numbers above ten. We have begun to think about place value and learnt that 13 isn’t 1 and 3 but rather 10 and 3 and we have also looked at estimating a number of objects and then counting to see how good our estimate was.

    Thank you so much for all of your support with our nativity production, the children worked so hard and we are very proud of them.  We hope that you enjoyed watching it.

    Christmas Jumper Day was a lot of fun and the children had a great time meeting our special guest! They had their photo taken with him so we hope to have these printed and ready for Monday.

    On Wednesday 20th December, the last day of term, we have our Christmas carol service at the church. Our service begins at 10.30am so if any parents are available to help us walk there from around 10am then that would be greatly appreciated. Please let your class teacher know.

    This will be the final website entry before the Christmas holidays so we wish you all a wonderful two weeks off and look forward to seeing you in the New Year, when we will begin a new topic about the emergency services.

    Happy holidays!

    Week beginning 04/12/17

     The countdown to Christmas has officially begun! The classrooms have been decorated and Christmas cards should have arrived in the post. We have also started reading ‘The Jolly Christmas Postman’. This week he has delivered a Christmas card to Baby Bear, a board game to Red Riding Hood and a jigsaw to Humpty Dumpty. We have been busy with several rehearsals for our nativity production but the children have still had time to write their own Christmas cards and role play the stories. Some of them have tried out the board game sent to Red Riding Hood and in the outside area they have had fun making their own post boxes and then delivering letters to the correct number.

    We have also focussed on writing wish lists and letters to Father Christmas and our Post Office role plays have had a lot of use thanks to this!

     In maths we have been learning the names of different solid/3D shapes and how to  describe them using the correct vocabulary. The children have been good at spotting these shapes around the classroom. We have also followed up on our learning about weight last week by using the balance scales to make fairy cakes. All of the children had a go at weighing out the ingredients and then enjoyed decorating them (and eating them!) once they had been baked.

    The end of term is nearly here and many of the children are getting tired but we are really pleased with how well they are coping and we hope that you all have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.

    Dates for the diary:

    Tuesday 12th December 9.15am – nativity production

    Thursday 14th December 2.15pm – nativity production

    Friday 15th December – Christmas Jumper Day

    Wednesday 20th December – last day of term and our Christmas carol service

    Week beginning 27/11/17

     We have continued to read ‘The Jolly Postman’ this week and alongside this we have read the stories ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. We have particularly focused on Cinderella and the numerous writing opportunities that this story provides. The children have written invitations to the ball, congratulations cards to Cinderella and Prince Charming and have even designed and labelled their own ball gowns! The princess dresses have had a lot of use this week as the children role played the story from start to finish! We made a wonderful carriage to transport Cinderella to the ball and prepared a feast as well.

    Each child has had the opportunity to post their own piece of mail this week and we were very proud of their behaviour on our walks to the Post Office. Thank you to all those parent helpers who walked with us.

     In maths we have again linked our learning to our Post Office role plays and discussed how parcels are weighed and priced. We started by comparing objects’ weights and ensuring that the children were using the correct vocabulary (light/heavy for example). We then introduced the balance scales and used these to compare the weight of different objects and discussed how to record our findings.

    Nativity practise is well under way and we are very much looking forward to our performances! A reminder of the dates:

    Tuesday 12th December at 9.15am

    Thursday 14th December at 2.15pm

    You are welcome to come to either date and we do not need to know in advance.

    Have an enjoyable weekend!

    Week beginning 20/11/17

    This week, we began reading ‘The Jolly Postman’ and all of the stories related to it. Having read Goldilocks’ sorry letter to the three bears we wrote some of our own letters, thinking carefully about how to spell the tricky word ‘to’ and remembering to write who it was from. In the outside area, we built a bear cave and made our own beds using different materials, thinking about how to make one too soft and another too hard.

     The second letter in the book is an advert to the witch from the story ‘Hansel and Gretel’. We made our own adverts for different things a witch might want to buy and set up a shop in the outside area. The children had fun writing their own labels and price tags for each item. They also decorated the Wendy house with ‘sweets’ and role played the story. Some children have also designed their own sweetie houses!

    Our maths learning this week has been about money so that the children could use it successfully in the shop and also the new role play areas in each classroom which are now post offices. They have learnt about the different coins and have paid for items by counting out the correct amount of pennies. We even challenged them to use different combinations of coins.

      Thursday was of course our ‘Big Build’ day and what a success it was! Thank you so much for all of your support, we had an amazing time and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all. We were so proud of what the children achieved and it was evident that they were too. Well done everyone.

    Just a reminder that we have our short walks to the post office next week:

    Caterpillar walk: Wednesday 29th November at 9am

    Ladybird and Bees walk: Thursday 30th November, both at 9am

    Many thanks and enjoy the weekend!

    Week beginning 13/11/17

     This was our final week of learning about Percy and his animal friends. We have learnt many facts about the different animals and made our own class fact books. These include the children’s writing, drawings and even some paintings.

    We read a story about animals getting trapped in rubbish that had been dropped on the floor. We used this as a basis for some outdoor play and hid some ‘trapped’ woodland animals around the playground for the children to find. They had to read the clues to discover where they were and then they had to free the animals and look after them. They even made some posters to stick up to remind people to put their rubbish in the bin.

    In maths this week we have learnt how to say 1 less than a given number and started to use practical objects to subtract. The children have enjoyed learning songs and feeding our greedy class pets to support them with their understanding. They even delved into some sticky spaghetti to find counters to use!

    Next week we are moving on to learning about ‘The Jolly Postman’ and all of the characters that he has letters for. To support this, the children will be going on a short walk the following week to the post box and the post office to post something of their own. We would be grateful of some parent volunteers to walk with us.

    Caterpillar walk: Wednesday 29th November at 9am

    Ladybird and Bees walk: Thursday 30th November, both at 9am

    Many thanks and have a wonderful weekend!

    Week beginning 6/11/17

     This week we have looked more closely at Percy the park keeper and continued to learn about his different animal friends. In particular, we have learnt about hedgehogs as we had one come and visit us on Tuesday! The children were all very excited to see it and we learnt lots of facts about them. We then used this to inspire some writing activities, such as labelling woodland animals and making some mini fact books about them.

    In the outside area, having read a story about Percy mending a maze at the park, we talked about what a maze is and the children had a go at making some of their own and then took it in turns to guide their blindfolded partner through it! We also had a maths focus in the mud kitchen and challenged the children to write some recipes for their ‘muddy creations’.

    In maths this week we have started to add numbers together, using practical objects from around the classroom. Some children have even started to write their number sentences. The children have begun to understand what addition is but we will continue to focus on this until they are secure.

    Towards the end of the week we discussed Remembrance Day and had fun doing lots of poppy paintings and other craft activities.

    Have a good weekend.

    Term 2

    Week beginning 30/10/17

    Welcome back. We hope that you all had a wonderful week off and from looking at the children’s learning journal work it seems that you did! Thank you for completing that with them over the break.

     This week w e have learnt a little about Halloween but our main focus has been Bonfire Night. We began by telling the children the story of Guy Fawkes and how the celebration originated. We then discussed the different ways to celebrate and had a great time in the outside area setting up our own Bonfire Night celebration. The children piled up logs and sticks to make a giant bonfire and then used old clothes and newspaper to create a guy for the top of it. They also made tickets and plates of food to sell and stuck tinsel on the end of sticks to create sparklers! The children then wanted to make a fun fair as well so decorated some cardboard boxes to act as bumper cars! There are some amazing splatter paintings on display in the classrooms which I am sure you will enjoy seeing next week at parent’s evening. 


    In maths we have continued to focus on numbers this week and looked at numbers all the way to twenty. We have also looked at estimating the number of ‘fireworks’, writing down our estimations and then counting them to check.


     Our class role play areas were transformed over the holiday into woodland dens and many of the children have had fun looking at the different woodland animals in them and then writing woodland animal lists, using their phonic knowledge to help them.

    In class we have been reading books about Percy the park keeper and his animal friends. Next week we are reading the one about his friend the hedgehog and we have arranged for Folly Wildlife Rescue to bring in a hedgehog for us to learn about on Tuesday. They are a charity dedicated to rescuing injured, orphaned and distressed wild animals and have asked us if we could possibly donate some wet cat food to feed them with. We have collected some ourselves but if any of you have a pet at home and could spare a food pouch then I am sure it would be greatly appreciated.

    Parent Helpers

    Now that the children have completely settled in, we would love some parent helpers to come and read with them each week. If you have any availability, even if it is only 15 minutes at the very start of the day, and would like to help then please speak to your class teacher and we can hopefully sort out times that work for everyone.

    Many thanks and enjoy the weekend.

    Week beginning 16/10/17

    Wow! The end of our first term has arrived! It has been a busy time and so much has been accomplished. We cannot emphasise enough how proud we all are of each and every child. They have settled in tremendously well and are keen and eager to learn new things so well done everyone and we hope that you all enjoy a well-earned week off!

     This week we have been looking at the Diwali festival and how it is celebrated. The children have participated in many different craft activities, including making lanterns, Playdough sweets and Rangoli patterns. The Wendy house has been transformed into a home celebrating the festival of light and as part of the celebrations is to ensure your house is clean and welcoming, they have swept it, tidied it and prepared wonderful feasts for each other. Maybe they can do this at home too! We have also read the story of Rama and Sita and many children have chosen to re-enact it using puppets and masks.

    The children have all coped very well with the transition into their new phonics groups and continue to either learn new sounds or to consolidate existing ones. 

    In maths we have been learning how to recognise and write numbers to ten and so many children have then chosen to continue this learning during their choosing time which is a pleasure to see.

    Following a kind donation, a pumpkin made an appearance in our investigation area this week and the children had a great but sticky time exploring what it is like inside. The language which it inspired was excellent and we even used it to write a ‘pumpkin poem’ which is written out below:

    A Pumpkin Poem

    Squishy seeds inside the pumpkin,

    Long orange bits that look like spaghetti.

    I want to eat it!

    Squashy and slimy.

    Oooh nice and warm inside.

    Eurgh, all sticky,

    Orange juice everywhere!

    Thank you all for all of your support this term and thank you especially to the children who have worked so hard and learnt so much already. Have a truly great half term holiday and see you back at school on Monday 30th October!

    Term 1

    Week beginning 09/10/17

    The focus this week has been autumn and we all had a great time looking at how the world is changing around us on our park walks. We were very impressed with how sensible all of the children were on their first trip out of school. At the park we encouraged the children to think about their different senses and they all enjoyed collecting large amounts of conkers, acorns, leaves and feathers which we have used to make nature collages and displays. We also discussed the different language we could use to describe these natural objects, emphasising that there are many exciting ways to do this that go beyond just saying what colour they are.


    We also used the things we collected as the basis for some of our maths teaching this week, where we looked at and compared the different sizes and heights, ensuring that the children used the correct language. We have also focussed on positional language this week.

    In the outside area, some of the children have enjoyed making pictures inspired by artist Andy Goldsworthy, who uses natural objects to create his artwork. They have also used magnifying glasses to further inspect the world around them and have enjoyed competing in mini scavenger hunts to see who can collect the objects on their challenge cards the fastest!

    Phonics testing was completed this week and the children will be grouped next week.


    We have made a slight change to lunches and the children now have their lunch in the larger of our two halls. The system works in exactly the same way and all children have adapted quickly to this change.

    We hope you enjoy the weekend.

    Week beginning 02/10/17

    The focus for this week has been ‘what I want to be when I grow up’. We started by discussing some of the different jobs there are in the world and then each child said what they wanted to be and why. We had many different occupations, including doctors, vets, policemen and builders. We also had a rock star, a racing car driver and even a mermaid (some are clearly more achievable than others!)

    The children have enjoyed role playing some of these jobs, for example as policeman they dressed up in hats and jackets, wrote signs for their police station and enjoyed racing around the outside area capturing thieves and putting them in jail. In our ‘hospital’ the children resourced pillows and blankets for the hospital beds and tended to various different wounds, bandaging them up or using tweezers to extract sharp objects. We even had a patient give birth!

    In maths we have been learning about 2d shapes, spotting them in the environment and learning how many sides and corners they have. The children have enjoyed going on shape hunts, digging up shapes in the sand pit and using shapes to make their own pictures.

    In phonics, the children have continued to learn new sounds and practise blending them together to make three letter words. Some useful parent tutorials can be found on the website below:

    Reminder: Our park walks are next week so please can you make sure that your child come to school with a coat and wellies, if they do not already have a pair in school.

    Bees’ walk is Monday 9th and Caterpillars’ and Ladybirds’ is Tuesday 10th.

    Many thanks and enjoy the weekend.

    Week beginning 25/09/17

    This week, following on from our learning about harvest, we have focused on the book ‘Handa’s Surprise’. The children have enjoyed learning about the different types of fruit that grow in different countries and have especially liked re-telling the story themselves. They have made puppets and resources to help with this re-telling and have painted some of the fruits that Handa has in her basket.

    In phonics this week we have started to do more blending of three letter words using the sounds we have learnt so far and many children have had a go at making them using magnetic letters. They have also had fun fishing sounds out of the water tray and using them to make words.

    To assist with their writing, we have been doing lots of fine motor activities to strengthen their fingers, such as threading beads and using tweezers to pick up objects. We have also continued to practise their names with them, concentrating on each letter being formed correctly.  

    In maths we have focussed on the concept of ‘1 more’ than a given number and have used people on a bus, cars in a garage and our number tiles to help the children understand. The children loved collecting acorns from around the playground and placing them in plant pots to practise their counting and number recognition.


    A few parents have asked how the children are doing at lunch and we all feel that they are doing very well. We are really pleased with how independent they have all been and that most are willing to try new things. Some children have needed more encouragement than others as you can imagine but overall they have been doing very well!

     The dining hall is set up for them as shown in the photo below and they line up at the silver food serving unit where they choose their food and salad and then they carry their plate to the table. When an adult has checked that they have eaten enough, they go and scrape their plates into the bin and pile them up. They then go to the pudding table and are served the pudding of their choice. When finished, they line up and are taken back across to our playground.


    Once again, we hope that you have a great weekend.

    Week beginning 18/09/17

    We have had another busy week at school and have been doing lots of activities related to harvest time! We spoke about what harvest is and how some of the different foods are harvested. The children have also started to learn some harvest songs so maybe they can sing them to you!

    The playground has been full of little farmers this week as the children have had great fun digging up carrots and potatoes from our gardening area and then washing them, packaging them, making labels for them and finally delivering them to the fruit and vegetable shop using wheelbarrows and ‘delivery vans’. This has provided lots of opportunities for the children to practise their initial sounds for their labels and also their counting skills.

    In maths this week we have focussed on pattern and repeating patterns in particular whilst continuing to practise counting to ten and beyond. Some of the children even chose to use fruit printing to create repeating pattern caterpillars.

    Thank you so much for all of your support at home with their reading and phonics practice, it is much appreciated and we are so pleased that the children are enjoying sharing books with you.

    We hope that you all have an enjoyable weekend.

    Dates for the diary:

    Tuesday 26th September – Individual pupil photo’s 

    Wednesday 27th September - class photo for the Kent Messenger newspaper.

    Friday 29th September – phonics meeting at 2.30pm in the small hall, followed by a 3pm visit to classrooms to see the work children have been doing.

    Monday 9th October 9am – Bee class to go on a walk to the park to discover how the world around us is changing.

    Tuesday 10th October 9am – Caterpillar and Ladybird class walk to the park.

    We would be very grateful to any parents who would like to come with us on the park walks as we need an extra three adults per class. Please let your class teacher know if you are available. Thank you.

    Friday October 13th – look out for the Tunbridge Wells Courier as a photo of each class will be inside!


    Week beginning 11/09/17

    Our first full week comes to an end and what a busy and exciting week it has been! We started our ‘I Am Special’ topic by talking about what we looked like and how each of us is special. We then painted some amazing self-portraits, which are already proudly up on classroom walls as you can see in the photos below! We also really enjoyed reading Elmer and we discussed how it is a good thing that we are all different but that we are all special in different ways.

    Our phonics learning began this week and lots of the children have begun to identify the initial sounds in words. They have also had great fun painting them on the trees outside. The sounds we have learnt this week are in plastic folders in their book bags for you to practise with them at home.

    In maths this week we have focused on simple counting with numbers 1-10 and we all went on a number hunt, where we had fun counting different objects and spotting numbers around the school.

    In the outside area, the children have especially enjoyed pretending to be builders, dressing up in hard hats and ear defenders whilst building houses and fixing things around the playground. They have also loved going on bug hunts and playing in the Wendy house.

    Our PPA cover (the time your class teacher has out of the class to prepare) has now been confirmed. Mrs Hanna will take Ladybird class on a Monday morning and Mrs Knight will take Bees and Caterpillars one after the other on a Tuesday.

    Next week we will learn about Harvest, looking at what it means and learning some songs. In maths we will start to look at pattern and in phonics we will teach them the next new sounds.

    We hope that you all have a fantastic weekend and that the children enjoy a very well deserved rest!


    Week beginning 04/09/17

    Dear Parents and Carers,

    We have had a lovely first week with the children. They have settled in really well to our school routines and we are very proud of them.

    This week we have been making friends with other children in our class, learning the school routines and exploring both the indoor and outdoor environment.

    We will be starting our topic of ‘I am special’ next week. We will be looking at ourselves, making self-portraits and learning how we are all different and special. We are also starting phonics lessons and exploring numbers to 10. PE lessons will always be on a Friday for each class so please ensure that your child has a labelled PE kit in school before next Friday.

    From next week onwards, instead of a hard copy, this newsletter will be available on the school website. It can be found under the heading of Parents and Carers – Learning by Year group –Foundation Stage Studies.

    Polite request: Please can we ask that when dropping off and collecting children from school, play equipment is left and not to be played with. We have worked hard with the children this week teaching them to tidy up after themselves and to leave it as they found it. 

    Many thanks,

    The Foundation Stage Team