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Paddock Wood Primary School

Paddock Wood Primary School

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    Foundation Stage Studies

    For Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum Framework please click here.

    Term 1

    Week beginning 09/10/17

    The focus this week has been autumn and we all had a great time looking at how the world is changing around us on our park walks. We were very impressed with how sensible all of the children were on their first trip out of school. At the park we encouraged the children to think about their different senses and they all enjoyed collecting large amounts of conkers, acorns, leaves and feathers which we have used to make nature collages and displays. We also discussed the different language we could use to describe these natural objects, emphasising that there are many exciting ways to do this that go beyond just saying what colour they are.


    We also used the things we collected as the basis for some of our maths teaching this week, where we looked at and compared the different sizes and heights, ensuring that the children used the correct language. We have also focussed on positional language this week.

    In the outside area, some of the children have enjoyed making pictures inspired by artist Andy Goldsworthy, who uses natural objects to create his artwork. They have also used magnifying glasses to further inspect the world around them and have enjoyed competing in mini scavenger hunts to see who can collect the objects on their challenge cards the fastest!

    Phonics testing was completed this week and the children will be grouped next week.


    We have made a slight change to lunches and the children now have their lunch in the larger of our two halls. The system works in exactly the same way and all children have adapted quickly to this change.

    We hope you enjoy the weekend.

    Week beginning 02/10/17

    The focus for this week has been ‘what I want to be when I grow up’. We started by discussing some of the different jobs there are in the world and then each child said what they wanted to be and why. We had many different occupations, including doctors, vets, policemen and builders. We also had a rock star, a racing car driver and even a mermaid (some are clearly more achievable than others!)

    The children have enjoyed role playing some of these jobs, for example as policeman they dressed up in hats and jackets, wrote signs for their police station and enjoyed racing around the outside area capturing thieves and putting them in jail. In our ‘hospital’ the children resourced pillows and blankets for the hospital beds and tended to various different wounds, bandaging them up or using tweezers to extract sharp objects. We even had a patient give birth!

    In maths we have been learning about 2d shapes, spotting them in the environment and learning how many sides and corners they have. The children have enjoyed going on shape hunts, digging up shapes in the sand pit and using shapes to make their own pictures.

    In phonics, the children have continued to learn new sounds and practise blending them together to make three letter words. Some useful parent tutorials can be found on the website below:

    Reminder: Our park walks are next week so please can you make sure that your child come to school with a coat and wellies, if they do not already have a pair in school.

    Bees’ walk is Monday 9th and Caterpillars’ and Ladybirds’ is Tuesday 10th.

    Many thanks and enjoy the weekend.

    Week beginning 25/09/17

    This week, following on from our learning about harvest, we have focused on the book ‘Handa’s Surprise’. The children have enjoyed learning about the different types of fruit that grow in different countries and have especially liked re-telling the story themselves. They have made puppets and resources to help with this re-telling and have painted some of the fruits that Handa has in her basket.

    In phonics this week we have started to do more blending of three letter words using the sounds we have learnt so far and many children have had a go at making them using magnetic letters. They have also had fun fishing sounds out of the water tray and using them to make words.

    To assist with their writing, we have been doing lots of fine motor activities to strengthen their fingers, such as threading beads and using tweezers to pick up objects. We have also continued to practise their names with them, concentrating on each letter being formed correctly.  

    In maths we have focussed on the concept of ‘1 more’ than a given number and have used people on a bus, cars in a garage and our number tiles to help the children understand. The children loved collecting acorns from around the playground and placing them in plant pots to practise their counting and number recognition.


    A few parents have asked how the children are doing at lunch and we all feel that they are doing very well. We are really pleased with how independent they have all been and that most are willing to try new things. Some children have needed more encouragement than others as you can imagine but overall they have been doing very well!

     The dining hall is set up for them as shown in the photo below and they line up at the silver food serving unit where they choose their food and salad and then they carry their plate to the table. When an adult has checked that they have eaten enough, they go and scrape their plates into the bin and pile them up. They then go to the pudding table and are served the pudding of their choice. When finished, they line up and are taken back across to our playground.


    Once again, we hope that you have a great weekend.

    Week beginning 18/09/17

    We have had another busy week at school and have been doing lots of activities related to harvest time! We spoke about what harvest is and how some of the different foods are harvested. The children have also started to learn some harvest songs so maybe they can sing them to you!

    The playground has been full of little farmers this week as the children have had great fun digging up carrots and potatoes from our gardening area and then washing them, packaging them, making labels for them and finally delivering them to the fruit and vegetable shop using wheelbarrows and ‘delivery vans’. This has provided lots of opportunities for the children to practise their initial sounds for their labels and also their counting skills.

    In maths this week we have focussed on pattern and repeating patterns in particular whilst continuing to practise counting to ten and beyond. Some of the children even chose to use fruit printing to create repeating pattern caterpillars.

    Thank you so much for all of your support at home with their reading and phonics practice, it is much appreciated and we are so pleased that the children are enjoying sharing books with you.

    We hope that you all have an enjoyable weekend.

    Dates for the diary:

    Tuesday 26th September – Individual pupil photo’s 

    Wednesday 27th September - class photo for the Kent Messenger newspaper.

    Friday 29th September – phonics meeting at 2.30pm in the small hall, followed by a 3pm visit to classrooms to see the work children have been doing.

    Monday 9th October 9am – Bee class to go on a walk to the park to discover how the world around us is changing.

    Tuesday 10th October 9am – Caterpillar and Ladybird class walk to the park.

    We would be very grateful to any parents who would like to come with us on the park walks as we need an extra three adults per class. Please let your class teacher know if you are available. Thank you.

    Friday October 13th – look out for the Tunbridge Wells Courier as a photo of each class will be inside!


    Week beginning 11/09/17

    Our first full week comes to an end and what a busy and exciting week it has been! We started our ‘I Am Special’ topic by talking about what we looked like and how each of us is special. We then painted some amazing self-portraits, which are already proudly up on classroom walls as you can see in the photos below! We also really enjoyed reading Elmer and we discussed how it is a good thing that we are all different but that we are all special in different ways.

    Our phonics learning began this week and lots of the children have begun to identify the initial sounds in words. They have also had great fun painting them on the trees outside. The sounds we have learnt this week are in plastic folders in their book bags for you to practise with them at home.

    In maths this week we have focused on simple counting with numbers 1-10 and we all went on a number hunt, where we had fun counting different objects and spotting numbers around the school.

    In the outside area, the children have especially enjoyed pretending to be builders, dressing up in hard hats and ear defenders whilst building houses and fixing things around the playground. They have also loved going on bug hunts and playing in the Wendy house.

    Our PPA cover (the time your class teacher has out of the class to prepare) has now been confirmed. Mrs Hanna will take Ladybird class on a Monday morning and Mrs Knight will take Bees and Caterpillars one after the other on a Tuesday.

    Next week we will learn about Harvest, looking at what it means and learning some songs. In maths we will start to look at pattern and in phonics we will teach them the next new sounds.

    We hope that you all have a fantastic weekend and that the children enjoy a very well deserved rest!


    Week beginning 04/09/17

    Dear Parents and Carers,

    We have had a lovely first week with the children. They have settled in really well to our school routines and we are very proud of them.

    This week we have been making friends with other children in our class, learning the school routines and exploring both the indoor and outdoor environment.

    We will be starting our topic of ‘I am special’ next week. We will be looking at ourselves, making self-portraits and learning how we are all different and special. We are also starting phonics lessons and exploring numbers to 10. PE lessons will always be on a Friday for each class so please ensure that your child has a labelled PE kit in school before next Friday.

    From next week onwards, instead of a hard copy, this newsletter will be available on the school website. It can be found under the heading of Parents and Carers – Learning by Year group –Foundation Stage Studies.

    Polite request: Please can we ask that when dropping off and collecting children from school, play equipment is left and not to be played with. We have worked hard with the children this week teaching them to tidy up after themselves and to leave it as they found it. 

    Many thanks,

    The Foundation Stage Team