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Paddock Wood Primary School

Paddock Wood Primary School

A school of excellence and enjoyment at the heart of its community

    Foundation Stage Studies

    For Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum Framework please click here.

    Week 6 Term 1   2018/19



    The focus this week has been Autumn and we all had a great time looking at how the world is changing around us on our autumn walks around school.  We have learnt an Autumn song and talked about how we can look after animals in Autumn time. Throughout the week the children have drawn autumnal pictures and have used word mats and their increasing sound knowledge to label the different features.

    The children have really enjoyed sharing their experiences from their walks at home and showing us the different signs of Autumn that they have collected.  We will continue learning about Autumn next week, so if you haven’t had the opportunity to go on an Autumn walk yet, there is still time.



    We have continued to focus on positional language and recognition of numbers.  The children particularly enjoyed playing a game on the interactive whiteboard, where they had to use clear instructions which deleted squares to reveal a hidden number. We have also continued counting different objects inside and out.

    Outside Learning

    Outside this week the children have enjoyed going on a treasure hunt and recording on their clipboards everything they have found.  They have also collected leaves and made collage pictures using them.  Lots of children have played with the diggers in the mud pit, recorded how many buckets they could fill and found the corresponding number.

    Parent Helpers

    We would be grateful for any parents/ grandparents that are free to volunteer their time in school to listen to children read.  If this is something you are interested in, please speak to your child’s class teacher about your availability.

    Starting School Photos

    Your child’s class photo will be in the

    Courier and Kent Messenger this week in their starting school supplements.


     Phonics Meeting Reminder

    On Thursday 18 October at 9.00am, we will be holding a short phonics meeting for parents in the Small Hall. Miss Rabarts will explain how our RWI sessions work and Mrs Leach will discuss how you can support reading at home.

    Have a restful weekend!

    Mrs Leach, Mr Worsfold, Miss Truett and Miss Waters

    Week 5 Term 1   2018/19



    We have continued reading and learning about the story ‘Funny bones’.  Each class has written about the story, using key words to help them and have enjoyed making puppets to retell the story. Following on from last week, the children have continued to use their sound knowledge to label body parts.

    Next week we are going to start learning about Autumn.  Over the weekend it would be lovely if you could go on a walk (or even just go into your garden) to look for signs of Autumn and bring into school anything interesting you find (leaves, conkers, acorns).  You could even bring in some pictures of your walk.


    We have been focussing on counting objects accurately and positional language.  Over the week we have had lots of counting activities taking place inside and out. We have been modelling and encouraging the children to touch each object as they count it and some children have selected the correct number card to represent the number of objects in a set.

    Outside Learning

    As always, there have been lots of learning opportunities outside. They have enjoyed using the large Numicon shapes to make bridges and then went onto counting the holes.  We have had the tricycles out and the children have organised races, made 1st, 2nd and 3rd badges and have made flags. Some of the children used the crates to make jails for their bikes and wrote labels on the chalk boards to go with it.

    Phonics Meeting

    On Thursday 18th October at 9.00, we will be holding a short phonics meeting for parents in the Small Hall. Miss Rabarts will explain how our RWI sessions work and I will discuss how you can support reading at home. There will also be an opportunity for you to ask any questions.


    Class Fund

    Thank you so much for all of your generous contributions to your child’s class fund this term. We have used the money to buy the following things:

    • French food for our European Languages day
    • Food colouring to colour playdough, rice and pasta
    • A new gross motor, dance programme to stimulate early writing
    • A construction kit with lots of screws and bolts to support our funky finger activities


     Reading Book Bags

    Please can reading book bags be in school every day, as when we read with the children in school we like to write in your child’s reading diaries. We change reading books on a Monday and a Wednesday. They also have the opportunity to choose a new class library book on a Friday.

    Have a good weekend!

    Mrs Leach, Mr Worsfold, Miss Truett and Miss Waters

    Week 4 Term 1   2018/19



    This week we have continued with our topic “I Am Special” and focused on the text “Funny Bones” by Allan Ahlberg and Janet Ahlberg, which is about a skeleton family going on a night time adventure.  The children have had lots of fun listening to the story, thinking about what the characters might say and making skeletons using different resources.  This then moved us onto wanting to learn about our bodies too.  We drew around different children and labelled body parts.


    In maths we have focused on measuring lengths.  The children arrived in the classroom on Monday morning to find different sized footprints left by the skeleton family. They needed to decide how they were going to measure them and which character the footprint belonged to.  The week then continued with lots of measuring activities including rolling cars down a ramp and measuring how far they travelled and measuring different objects with cubes.

    Outside Learning

    The children have been busy outside. They have enjoyed using the construction bricks and crates to build large structures and we have encouraged the children to make signs to go with them. Some children have played a maths game with the beanbags, where they throw a beanbag onto a number and then jump that number of spaces before passing the beanbag to the next child.

    European Language Day

    It was European Language Day on Wednesday 26 September. We marked this special day by carrying out different activities all about France.  These activities included tasting different French food, listening to a French story and singing head, shoulders, knees and toes in French too. 

    Sponsored Event

    Thank you to all the parents that came and supported our sponsored walk last Friday morning. The children had lots of fun and we were lucky that the sun came out too. If you have any outstanding sponsorship money can you please bring it into school as soon as possible.

     Thank You

    Thank you so much for all of your support at home with phonics and handwriting practice. It is much appreciated and we are so pleased that the children are becoming more confident at writing their letters and recognising their sounds.

    We hope you have a lovely weekend!

    Mrs Leach, Mr Worsfold, Miss Truett and Miss Waters

    Week 3 Term 1   2018/19



    We have had another busy week at school and have been doing lots of activities related to Elmer! The children have enjoyed talking about how they are special and have had a go at writing about this too. They have made Elmer collages and designed their own unique elephant. Some children helped Elmer sort his different coloured patches and worked collaboratively together.


    In maths this week we have focussed on 2D shapes whilst continuing counting to ten and beyond. We have gone on shape hunts around our area and have made interesting shape pictures. It would be lovely if you could go on a shape hunt at home with your child too.

    Funky fingers

    Every morning when the children arrive they carry out funky finger activities. Funky fingers is a carousel of fun activities to help children build up their finger strength and hand control (fine motor skills). Some of the activities include using the tweezers to pick up pompoms, cutting patterns with scissors and threading different objects.

    Outside learning

    The children have had lots of fun outside this week. They helped Fred (our phonics frog) find his sounds that he had lost and lots of children wrote them down. They have also enjoyed using the wheelbarrows to collect leaves and using word mats to find mini beasts.


    Thank you

    We are all so grateful for all of the contributions to the class fund and we will update you soon on what we purchase.  Also thank you for all of the donations of junk modelling resources and craft materials that we have received this week.



     Polite reminder

    The doors into the classrooms are open from 8.45 until 8.55. Any child arriving after 8.55 will be late and needs to go to the office to be signed in.


    We look forward to seeing you tomorrow for our family maintenance morning!

    Mrs Leach, Mr Worsfold, Miss Truett and Miss Waters

    Week 2 Term 1   2018/19

    First full week!

    Our first full week comes to an end and what a busy and exciting week it has been! We started our ‘I Am Special’ topic by talking about what we enjoy doing and our favourite things. We have enjoyed looking at the different family photos that the children have brought in and have discussed who is in our family.

    We have also read different books about families. Next week we are going to start sharing the

    Book Elmer and discuss that it is a good thing that we are all different.

    Read write inc. (RWI)

    RWI is a systematic phonics programme that we use at our school. At the moment we are teaching RWI as a whole class and we are introducing a new sound daily. By the end of term 1 all the children’s phonic knowledge will be assessed and then we will group them accordingly, into smaller focused groups to continue our daily phonics teaching. Today we are sending home flash cards of the sounds already taught in school, please practise these sounds with your child making sure you are saying the sound rather than the letter name.  At the bottom of this link there is a short video demonstrating how to pronounce the sounds correctly. If your child is confident at recognising these sounds see if you can make any three letter words e.g. sad, pin, tip, using the sound cards. Please keep the sounds in the plastic wallets and put them in your child’s book bag each day, so that we are able to add more sounds each week.

    Cursive handwriting

    In Foundation Stage we teach the children to write in a cursive style right from the start. We will teach your child to form every letter with an entry stroke, which we call a whoosh and then they form the letter in the traditional way.  We teach the children little rhymes to help them remember how to form the letters.

    Although the cursive style can seem quite tricky to start with, you will really see the benefits when your child starts to join with ease later on in their school life without having to learn new ways to form the letters. We have also sent home handwriting sheets for your children to practise forming their letters correctly at home.

    Can you help?

    If you have any of these items at home that you can donate, we would be very grateful:

    • Cardboard boxes and tubes
    • String/ribbon/ wool
    • Pieces of fabric
    • Top soil/compost
    • Play pit sand
    • Old pots and pans for our mud kitchen

    Class library book

    Today every child has chosen a book to bring home and share with you.  This is a book to read together for enjoyment and as you read the story take time to discuss the pictures and what is happening in the text. Let your child hold the book and turn the pages themselves. Please bring this book back next Friday and they will have an opportunity to change it.


    Lunch time

    The children have quickly settled into the lunchtime routine. We stay with the children while they are eating their lunch and ensure they have eaten enough before they go out to play.

    We hope lots of you are able to come and helps us on our family school maintenance day on Saturday 22nd September, 9am-1pm.  We are really looking forward to improving our outside area.

    Have a lovely weekend!