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Paddock Wood Primary School

Paddock Wood Primary School

A school of excellence and enjoyment at the heart of its community


    Term 3 & 4

    Year 1 have now been introduced to the school laptops. The children have learned how to switch on their computers and logon to find programs to use. This term we’ll be working towards creating our own electronic art gallery…

    Year 2, following their introduction to the Scratch program earlier in the year, have become proficient at selecting backgrounds and onscreen ‘sprites’ to suit a range of purposes. This term will see them creating their own individual, specialised algorithms to bring their designs to life!

    Year 3’s journey into computing has seen them arrive at a crossroads this term – they will be learning to examine a variety of scripts and algorithms and finding ways to debug these – finding errors and fixing them to help programs run properly, or looking for ways to improve simple programs performance.

    Year 4 are now developing their own prototype electronic toys! These prototypes will run onscreen in a virtual world and will allow the children to develop and test alterations and improvements to their designs as the term moves on…

    Year 5 have taken on the role of cryptographers and are learning to translate and send/receive coded messages in a variety of formats.

    Year 6 are continuing to make progress with their app building project which began at the start of the year – the development of their own educational app to download and play on a smartphone or tablet. I’m very happy to say we’ve reached the prototype stage and their apps are starting to take shape!

    Term 1 & 2

    Year 1 have been hunting for treasure this term and learning to invent and follow algorithms. They test their algorithms, firstly, in the real world by giving each other instructions and following them. They will follow up this work by programming simple robots and recording their work.

    This term, Year 2 will be introduced to the Scratch program as they are in training to become astronauts and will be programming algorithms to move robots over set pathways, before building up to programming objects to move in 2 dimensions on screen. In term 2 the children will progress to testing games made in Scratch and improving them.

    Year 3 will be making detailed storyboards and scripting a short animated cartoon that they will be planning out using computers, cameras and microphones to help them, before moving on in term 2 to debug given scripts and explain how they fix problems running programs.

    At the beginning of term 1 Year 4 will be taking on the role of software developers tasked with the job of developing educational games onscreen for younger pupils, before progressing to producing prototypes for computer controlled toys which they will then present to their class in term 2.

    To start off the new academic year in school, Year 5 will be tasked with the development of their own interactive games. The children will need to come up with their own original idea for a game to upload and be able to play online. After half term the children will explore code cracking…

    Year 6 will undertake an ambitious project that will run throughout the year – the development of their own educational app to download and play on a smartphone or tablet.